Doncic: "You can't compare me to Larry Bird, he's too far away"

Luka Doncic was asked, after beating the Nets, about the recent parallels with Larry Bird. He rejects it, for the moment, for the times.


This week Luka Doncic has had a green blast before and after facing the Celtics, one of the teams with the most followers in the United States and abroad. In the pre, for a few words from Cedric Maxwell in which he spoke of him as a reincarnation of Larry Bird. In the post, for the pair of triples with which he won the game against Boston. A resemblance is drawn from everything.

In the post-game interview against the Nets, in which the Mavericks achieved a valuable away win, journalist Rachel Nichols insisted on national television asking Luka Doncic about the comparison to Larry Bird. The Slovenian player, whose birthday this Sunday is, assertive when answering:

"I have seen many videos of him to see how he played, but you cannot compare me with Larry Bird. I have many games left to get to what he has done, it is very far. I just want to improve and go out on the court to have fun playing this "

It's more about style and looks than production or impact, also counting that the generational leap between the two is huge. But, going to the numbers, Doncic does improve Bird's performance in his third season in the NBA: 28.5 points from the European by 22.9 points from the American, with Doncic giving more assists (9.1 by 5.8) and Bird rebounding more (10.9 by 8.4) when playing in different parts of the court. The one from Ljubljana remains unconvinced.

Next week Doncic will participate in a new All-Star Game, although this year with a different format due to the pandemic: "Four years ago I expected to be drafted and now I am in my second All-Star. It is something I have dreamed of. since I was little ".

On the victory against the Nets, a couple of notes from Doncic: "They had two of their stars unable to play, but it was a dangerous game. We solved it by playing well as a team."

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