Djokovic: "It was one of my strangest games"

Novac Djokovic beat Taylor Fritz in five sets and after the match he was "proud" of the performance he was able to show during the match.


The surprise bordered the confrontation between Novak Djokovic and Taylor Fritz. The Serbian won the first two sets, but in the third he began to feel some discomfort that almost cost him the game. It was difficult and he recognized it himself when he finished.

"It is one of the strangest games I have ever played. Different things happened. The fans left the court in the middle of the game (forced by the lockdown in Melbourne), something that had not happened to me before. Everything was fine for me, but at the beginning of the third set I did a quick backhand movement going to the right. As I turned I felt a pinch and felt something happen. I went out for a while to wait for the doctor and they evaluated me. I had enormous pain and took the highest dose of anti-inflammatories possible. At the start of the fifth set I started to move and was able to come back from the back of the court. Until that moment, I could only do something in my serves. I had to hope and invoke a prayer to get an easy ball after my serve and try. It's what I did. I honestly don't know how I won this game. I'm very proud, as well as sad and worried, because something serious was happening with my injury, "he admitted after the game in an impromptu brief round of prenda sa.

Nole also admitted that such a long clash is a handicap for the nearest future. "I don't have much time to recover for the next game. I will not train tomorrow. I will evaluate with the medical team and do some tests to understand what is happening to me and that they can prescribe the best possible treatment to have the slightest possibility of being able to play in less than 48 hours, "he concluded.

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