Diego Martínez: "This night will always remain in the memory"

The Granada coach appeared exultant after the 2-0 victory against Napoli: "What we have experienced today is to enjoy it, savor it and feel proud."


The Granada players perfectly executed the plan drawn up by Diego Martínez to face Napoli in the first leg of the Europa League round of 32. "We understood very well what the game was demanding at all times," the coach summed up.

A round night: “A historic event that Los Cármenes dresses for the first time in 90 years to receive a round of 32 against a great team like Naples. The team has been at a great level. He played a great game and achieved victory. It is a day that we can call happy for Grenadianism. ”

The team came out to win despite the losses: “We always do that. Sometimes you have the success of the goal and other times you don't. We have been playing three games a week since matchday one. This is a triple effort for each and every player. We even had to make the Vallejo change, which is a shame. But we always try to give the party what it needs. With the ball he had a lot of intention both in organized attack and in counterattack. We understood very well what the party demanded at all times. We have even finished in his field with the option of Yangel, the fouls ... the team today has to be given the best mark ”.

Vallejo injury: “We don't know. We also do not know the extent of fatigue. Saturday is the preview of the match against Huesca. This is being very nice and I am not changing it for anything because living this with Granada is extraordinary. But it is true that it costs us a world to think beyond. We have to think about Huesca. Then the return to Naples… We have nothing to do with Villarreal, Real Sociedad or with European teams. Our starting point is very different. So different that two years ago we were in the Second Division and many of those players were on the field today. And that's what, I think this team has the most merit and for that I thank the players ”.

Granada knew how to suffer until the end: “This is Europe and we already know how difficult it is. I think that in the last minutes we went for the third goal. The team has played at a very high level. Yangel couldn't take it anymore, Gonalons ... all these kinds of situations, what is it supplemented with? Well, with commitment, solidarity, enthusiasm, motivation and, above all, with providing Grenadinistas with a historic and special night that, regardless of what happens in the tie, will always remain in the memory. ”

Very good defensive work: “Those of us who know Napoli know the quality and talent they have. That's why I put so much value on the team's game. Getting ahead on the scoreboard is always important because it gives you a lot of confidence, but beyond the result the game has been very complete. We always say the same to the team. Where strength and success do not reach, insistence, commitment, solidarity ... It is what makes me feel most proud. So this is a game and a goal changes everything, even your readings. The historic day that these players have allowed us to live today is to enjoy it, to savor it, to feel proud of this feeling. That is the most important thing. ”

Gattuso: "The lack of players has been noticed"

Gennaro Gattuso acknowledged the good work of Granada, but attributed the bad performance of his team to the numerous casualties with which he had to face the challenge: "On a physical level, the lack of players, especially in attack. Granada is a difficult team and they played well, but part of the blame was ours. We had to be more precise to look for more chances to score. It is clear that we lack players and we cannot changes, the difficulties are many. Perhaps 2-1 would have been more correct ".

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