CSKA is left shivering

Injuries to his two centers and another off-sport problem for Mike James compound the problem. The president admits the danger.


The situation for CSKA has worsened just before the weeks of stoppage by the Cups and Windows, something that can help them not to lose too much momentum. From within the club, however, they warn of the difficult situation that has been presented to them this February, which can lead to problems at the end of the campaign if it is not correct and straightens.

Several factors have been brought together that have made the situation not borderline but dangerous. First, two injuries. Nikola Milutinov will not be available for the remainder of the season and he was the reference player in the paint. Toko Shengelia, for whom they paid a transfer to remove him from Baskonia in the summer, has injured his knee and may be out for a few weeks.

The icing on the cake has been Mike James' departure to the United States to be with his people. The point guard has lost another close relative and the club, this time, has let go. He will miss several games. Something similar happened previously and the lack of understanding between the board and the player led to not only a fine but also the release of the contract. He is not a nobody, he is the top scorer in the Euroleague.

Those mentioned, Shengelia, Milutinov and James, are not only among the highest earners in Russia as a whole, but in the entire continent.

This week the incorporation of the Nigerian Micheal Eric, another former Baskonia player who has been caught on the Turk Telekom this time, has been confirmed to patch up the two casualties they have suffered in their inner game.

Participation in the VTB has aggravated everything, since there the Georgian power forward was injured against Zielona Góra and there the team lost on the penultimate day with Kalev / Cramo in which it is one of the bells of the season. For them it is imperative not only to reach the Final Four of the Euroleague, but also to win the two local leagues in which they play. On the continental they are one victory away from the leader, Barça, when they reach this impasse (although with four defeats in the last five appointments), but in the VTB they are already third and three victories for Zenit (which is first in the standings ).

To all this Andréi Vatutin, the president, has answered and he has not done it to appease but to put black on white. In TASS has said the following:

"Our problems are not going to be solved magically, that will not be the way. We must be prepared for the fact that, until the injured return, the team will be bad. We must accept it, no matter how unpleasant it sounds. Days are coming or difficult weeks, but we will get ahead "

"It is obvious that the team is in a crisis, probably even more serious than anticipated. The summer budget cuts led to the fact that our workforce is not as deep as usual. We are faltering"

"The level of the VTB has grown a lot. Now no one can win just for the money. Also, we do not have enough strength or time to recover in a tight schedule"

"It is a shameful and terrible position for the club, but now the only thing left is to endure and work"

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