Cristo González is worth three

The Mirandés chain their second win with a new target from the Canarian striker (2-0). Las Palmas had options to tie, but Jirka sentenced in the addition.


Three goals and six points. It is the background of Cristo González in the last two duels of the Mirandés. The Canarian player scored a beautiful goal and Jirka put the icing on the cake in the extension time against UD Las Palmas (2-0). The yellows assumed the initiative of the game in the opening bars against a local team that had difficulty even leaving their own field with criteria. Araujo warned with an internship in the area that Javi Jiménez destroyed in a providential way, since the Argentine player was setting up the shot. Shortly after, Ramírez headed off the center of Ale Díez.

As the minutes passed, José Alberto's pupils shook off their initial dominance. Javi Muñoz tried his luck from the front, but his shot escaped to the right of the frame. The game passed without chances. However, Mirandés took advantage of a Canary loss to execute a quick attack. The ball fell at the feet of Christ who, without thinking twice, executed a shot with a thread that slipped through the same square (1-0) .

The 'jabato' team was able to open a gap shortly after, but Domínguez repelled as he could the heeled shot of Iván Martín. Pepe Mel's men tried to equalize the contest before the break. And they were about to achieve their goal after a corner that Sergio Ruiz combed. The ball passed by the far post without finding a finisher. The second half had a faster pace. Las Palmas looked for the tie. First with a free-kick from Ramírez that brushed the post, and then with an attempt from Maikel Mesa that did not put Lizoain in trouble.

The rojillos also had the chance to increase their advantage. Domínguez closed the space, below his legs, to avoid the second target of Christ. The clash entered the final stretch with everything to be decided since the local advantage was minimal. And although Las Palmas tried, finally Jirka sentenced the contest after heading to the network the rejection of the Catalan goal, which had successfully cleared Moreno's previous header. With this result, the Mirandés chain two consecutive wins, while the Canaries continue without winning in Anduva.


Pepe Mel: “We have been shallower than we should have been”

UD Las Palmas reaps its first league loss in 2021, after chaining three consecutive victories, against Mirandés, in a match in which the insular players barely disturbed the goal Burgos and an error by Ale Díez in the first half condemned the final result for the islanders. According to Pepe Mel, who spoke at a press conference after the game, “even the mistake, which was a rude mistake on our part, we had put the game on the right track” .

General assessment of the party

"I think the difference in the game was that we lacked depth. Even the mistake, a gross mistake on our part, the game had gotten on track well and we were fine. Even afterwards we were good, but with that debt of depth that it needs a football match to hurt the rival. We have been less deep than we should have been and that is what we have paid, beyond the two errors in the two goals. The first is clear and, in the second, we cannot concede an auction and the rejection in superiority ".

Are there players missing to unblock games like this?

"Obviously, it's a solution. There are players like Pejiño and Rober who do give us that depth, but for now we don't have them. The players we had on the field too, but that's what we have been lacking. We have tried to manage the ball with patience, but it lasts too long if the depth does not appear. When you have them all, the team is richer in all the variables and the coach can pull more arguments ".


"We have put in the footballers who we thought could give us what we needed. It was important for Oscar to give him the minutes he needs so that next week he can take a step forward. The other two (Clau and Pau) gave us overflow and depth, but it didn't go well. In the end, the coach chooses what he has and can make mistakes. We decided on those changes because we thought they could give us what we needed. "

Last minute on the transfer market

"I have not dedicated myself to talking about that. I imagine that now I will speak with Luis, but I do not know what will happen in these 24 hours" .

Behind the scoreboard

"The team has a script and they know it by heart. We have not done it badly, far from it, but we have lacked that bit of depth that would have made us do more damage to Mirandés. The team has been in line with the last games. Every mistake we have penalizes us a lot. Until minute 30 we were dominators, but that mistake has killed us.

The discharge of Dani Castellano

"The game has just finished. Those things are thought when we are already calm and thinking about the following" .

Euphoria in the environment

"On the part of the coaching staff and the players, I already tell you no. We are realistic to know where we are. This category shows that in three games you go up and in another three you go down. We are sad because we thought we could do it good on the scoreboard and we have not achieved it, but we have to continue working the same and putting the same enthusiasm. We are a young team. Many players are new in the category. I am happy with the team because right now we are in a very good situation " .


"It is not about what I would like, it is about what can be brought. Look, I want ... Let's see if they bring me Messi, who seems to be getting in the way at Barcelona, but they won't We can improve in many facets because we are a Second Division team, but my job is to train the squad that UD Las Palmas puts at my disposal and, for now, we are well and excited. Whatever comes, it will be welcome. "

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