Craig Tiley: "It was like I was attacked 15 days in a row"

The director of the Australian Open took stock of the tournament, which he considered a success despite the current situation although he acknowledged having suffered a lot of pressure in recent weeks.


Craig Tiley can be considered one of the great winners of the Australian Open. The tournament director took stock this Monday of what the tournament has given of itself and how it has managed to get ahead despite the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tiley told reporters his satisfaction that the tournament could be held. "At first I think a lot of people doubted that we could pull it off. Now, we can remember it as a very successful event under the circumstances. I think next month we will realize what we achieved by getting the tournament going."

The leader also defended the strict measures that have been taken to guarantee the health and safety of the public and tennis players. "It has been the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that a sporting event that has had an audience with top players even though some have not been able to come. It is a plan that works, requires more resources and more time, but it is a commitment that you must purchase ".

However, the manager also confessed the pressure to which he has been subjected during these two weeks of the tournament and also in the weeks before the competition. "I have been besieged by calls. It has been very significant. When you eat the brown, it is usually once. It has been 15 days in a row here. It has been like I was attacked 15 days in a row, literally," Tiley said, while He was excited for the 2022 edition: "We started planning it last week. 2022 will be a magnificent year and if the pandemic still persists, we will be prepared for it. Anything that could happen to an event we have had in the last two weeks. "

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