Controversy over positions in cycling

The runners have received a guide from the UCI in which they are specified with illustrations which positions are not allowed.


The International Cycling Union has announced that riders, teams and organizers have received a guide that explains the measures taken to promote safety. Among them are some that have already raised a cloud of dust in the peloton, such as the one that refers to the position of the rider on the bicycle, as is the case of some downhill and flat positions widely used until now. The sanctions will begin on April 1 and will even lead to expulsion from the race.

The prohibitions that have created the most debate are that of sitting on the bicycle bar to seek a more aerodynamic posture on the descents, or that of resting the forearms on the handlebars, simulating the posture used against the clock, with the aim of roll faster, print more force, and encounter less resistance in the wind.

On the criticisms, in the statement the UCI explains that the decisions were made by a working group created and led by the UCI, made up of representatives of the AIOCC (organizers), AIGCP (teams) and CPA (runners), met in several times during the second half of 2020 to draft the measures. During this same period, other working groups met to examine specific points.

Among these points, the new figures in charge of ensuring safety are also detailed, as well as aspects such as the protection fences in the sensitive areas of the race, which should not have overhangs and with special attention to the finish areas, where also the position of the photographers will be regulated.

Another aspect that will be carefully controlled is the way in which the runners will be able to dispose of drums and other types of waste during the race, with more presence of clean points and asking that in any case they be returned to the vehicles, for which also there is regulation, detailing the safety distance of five meters that they must respect or the moments in which they will be able to overtake the peloton.

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