Clippers erase league's best defense with a stroke of the pen

The Knicks came in as the team with the fewest points in the NBA, but the second half was too much for them. Kawhi, George and Jackson, lethal.


The New York Knicks are almost nothing like those of previous years, but if they have changed something, it is back. Until today's game they received an average of 102.7 points, the best figure in the entire league. An amount that the Los Angeles Clippers surpassed with their first basket of the fourth quarter and with which they were not going to settle, without taking their foot off the gas until the comfortable final victory. And is that the Clippers are not exactly the same as a few months ago. We are facing a more empathetic and committed team, which has forgotten the compliments and has gone to work. And in that scenario it is fearsome. Without going any further, there are already ten victories in the last eleven games and they remain ahead of their neighbors the Lakers.

If the Knicks were the best in defense (the arrival of Thibodeau has been noticed at the moment) and today they could not demonstrate it, it was because in the Clippers at the moment nobody is hiding and everyone attacks the basket when it touches. And they do it well. With Kawhi Leonard up front (28 points, 11/11 free throws), and Reggie Jackson (18) and Paul George (17) focused and on target, there's a lot of firepower to counter. Additionally, three other players exceeded double-digit scoring (Ibaka, Petterson, and Morris). Between the three they signed a 9/13 in triples. In all, the Clippers made 17 shots of their rival's three-for-10. One of the decisive differences.

The Knicks held out well in the first half, going into halftime just one down. With the already usual Julius Randle and RJ Barrett adding in attack, and with the inclusion of rookie Immanuel Quickley as the main protagonist and the long-time top scorer for the locals with 25 points. It was he who scored 8 in a row already in the last quarter to reduce the rival's advantage to two (103-105). But that's where it all ended. A final 12-24 quarter, devastating for the Knicks, gave a new victory to these Clippers who still have the talent, but who now also seem to know how to use it.

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