Castellón encounters a rising Mirandés this afternoon

José Alberto López's men have two consecutive victories and arrive in Castalia with high spirits. Bodiger debuts on the list.


Castellón and Mirandés measure their strength in Castalia in a key match for the Albinegros (follow the game live on Cartagena's victory has shaken the bottom of the standings and forces Juan Carlos Garrido's men to try to score three points if they want to get out of the pot. However, he will face a team with high morale, after adding two consecutive victories in the League to soar in the table again.

Garrido will be able to count on his new man, Yann Bodiger, although everything points to starting the match from the bench, despite the fact that you can see that they may be an important man to provide the bottom of the wardrobe for the midfield facing the goal. The Valencian, who adds one of lime and another of sand in his first two duels as a Castellón coach, assumes that the challenge of permanence passes through Castalia, where he showed a great image in his debut against Sporting.

At the moment, few variations are expected in an eleven that Garrido is shaping as the days go by. Rafa Gálvez, a key player in the center of the rear, falls from the match due to the accumulation of cards; also Juanto Ortuño and Paolo Fernandes, in their cases due to physical discomfort. Adrián Lapeña is seen as the replacement for Gálvez in defense.

The rest, the eleven continuation of the new coach, with Iago Indias seated on the right side, Gus Ledes and Carles Salvador in the middle and Rubén Díez behind Cubillas, the main receiver of Marc Mateu's shipments from the left. While Arturo Molina could leave his place in the eleven to Josep Signo.

For its part, Mirandés is looking for its third consecutive victory after putting a stop to the negative dynamics that accompanied it at the end and start of the new year. The triumphs achieved against Cartagena and Las Palmas have filled the Red squad with morale, not only because of the fact of adding three at a time but because of the way to achieve it. José Alberto's disciples have been effective in attack, with Cristo González in stellar mode, and solid in defensive tasks. No goals conceded in the last two days.

The Asturian coach must rebuild the back row, due to the dismissal of the sanctioned Vivian. Trigueros is emerging as his substitute, although Genaro has also shown his good work in that position. The main doubt lies in the center of the field. Meseguer returns after completing the warnings cycle. However, the good performance of Álex López in the previous duel could keep the Catalan footballer in the starting eleven.

The plan that, almost in all probability, will remain unchanged, is that of the offensive plot with Iván Martín and Djouahra on the flanks, Pablo Martínez on the midfielder and Cristo, above. The Canarian striker wants to continue seeing the door. He has scored a goal per game since his debut. Simón Moreno could play his first minutes with the red shirt in Castalia.

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