Carmelo Anthony comes to the rescue of a Lillard drowned in attack

The veteran forward excelled in the fourth quarter against the Sixers. Blazers star Lillard was smothered by Simmons.


There is only one team left from the Eastern Conference with a positive record against the Western Conference and it is not the 76ers, the team that has carried the weight on their side during the first weeks of competition. Second and last meeting against the Blazers and another loss. And they couldn't put any more meat on the grill. Damian Lillard, the only one of the two All-Star level players still healthy as outsiders, was treated like the big star he already is and given shock treatment: Ben Simmons and a leathery defense, even more than the usual in the Australian, to stop him. If someone looks only at the scoring digits, they see 30 in the Dame box, yes, but if one looks at the shooting chart it is verified that he made 14 free throws and that in the field goals he stayed at an unusual 6/21. It weighed on the Blazers, but the good news is he's not alone or even lacking CJ McCollum on his side. And for that the Sixers were not prepared.

Carmelo Anthony had 17 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter. With the attention that Covington paid to Simmons and Simmons to Lillard, he was somewhat on the sidelines and could score until he won. Two free throws by Anthony and a steal by Covington, paradoxically, sentenced the game. The forward of Puerto Rican origin took a step forward and took out his repertoire, which we already know is vast, to walk knowing what was happening to Lillard and with Kanter, the one in charge of dancing with Embiid, bleeding gushing from one eyebrow. The victory is the fourth in five games for Portland, only with Madison's skid in the middle, and it is a moral boost for the squad, so that they believe they can beat anyone even if they are in the box.

Simmons's first quarter, above all, was flagged. It was the perfect example that you do not need to do pompous numbers to show that you are influential. He finished the game with 23 + 11 + 9, yes, but he was everywhere and that is not faithfully reflected in the statistics. Lillard had time to hit two of his 3s in that opening period, without guessing what would come his way. It was with his consorts Rodney Hood and Anfernee Simons that the flow of the Blazers began to flow easily in the second period and with whom the locals took advantage. The elbow received by Kanter forced the Turk to leave the field and leave Embiid alone before the break, which he used to hit three baskets before finishing to balance things out.

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