Campazzo starter and Jokic sublime, but the Nuggets fall in Boston

The Argentine point guard was a starter for the first time in the NBA and accompanied Nikola Jokic well, but it was not enough. Defeat in the Garden.


Duel of circumstances in Boston. The Celtics are still picking up the pace after going through a tough stage with the coronavirus and the Nuggets added losses to those they already had. Ojeleye continues to accumulate minutes on the one hand and Campazzo adds efforts on the other. For the Argentine point guard this was his first start in the NBA and he took advantage of it by playing 40 minutes, signing 15 points and 8 assists and raising the level against Kemba Walker. Mike Malone had to add to those of Harris and Dozier, the two reference bodyguards, Morris's discharge due to a shoulder problem (and those of Barton and Millsap in other positions), so he went to Facu to do the times as Jamal Murray's companion. Another dream for Campazzo and nothing less than come true in the Garden, one of the pavilions with the most mystique. The victory, however, stayed at home: 112-99.

The encounter turned into a crossfire from the first quarter between Jokic and the others. The Serbian went up to 43 points. It is true that the overexertion was understood, but his coach ended the night criticizing Nikola's teammates: "Jamal Murray cannot have nine losses in an away game and being our starting point guard" or "Michael Porter rebounds the ball but carries five, six or seven games in which he does not get the shots "were some of the examples to indicate that" we need some to take a step forward. "

The greens didn't play their best game by far, but they were smart. They took advantage of the gaps left by the Nuggets to sneak in and add. Opportunity, but the good kind. Jaylen Brown (27 points) was the light in a dark scene, with Tatum and Walker adding but also missing too much: 12 of their 16 triples did not enter. The difference between 10 and 12 goals was maintained until the end without the visiting team being in a position to change the trend to tighten the score. The Celtics thus regain a positive balance: 14-13.

The first minutes gave a measure of how the game was going to be: Jokic against the rest. He began scoring more than all his rivals combined, although such a state did not last long. The Balkan pivot danced to Tristan Thompson and then to Robert Williams, the two who defended him, but in his first absence to take a breath came another measurement: he left the field and Williams III was like a flash towards the hoop in two almost consecutive actions ; He returned to the court and Williams III received a triple to the face with his fresh signature. The Nuggets couldn't live without Jokic and they paid for it for the entire game. Murray tried to accompany him from the beginning, hitting two long shots in the first period, but then the losses would come that brought him closer to a double-double of those who are disgusting. Only a triple by Aaron Nesmith left the locals up after the first cut, but in the second set the gap widened a little more.

Campazzo was able, despite being the guard, to handle his style. He had plenty of time, he was the one who played the most of all the aligned. With the Nuggets already having a hard time before the break, being twelve down, their decision-making capacity was seen to increase as the weeks went by. Five straight points, added to a pass to Jokic and a triple from Murray, reduced the disadvantage before the big break.

Midway through the third quarter the connection between Campazzo and Jokic was red hot, with the Celtics sticking out their tongues as they couldn't keep up. There it even reached a draw. They were empathetic and Murray's success in the shots put the icing on the cake. But that was the peak, the hottest. The locals began to pour buckets of water and then there were no longer even the embers. The defense began to open and suffer from a lack of communication. Brown took the baton from Jokic, who also stopped his high production, and Boston was planted in the ten in favor in four minutes, already with the last period started. Facu's good efforts in both areas were not enough to revive his team, which fell without being able to get closer to the rival.

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