Bucks fall and Anteto is powerless to change it

Fifth loss in a row for the Bucks, dominating the East for the past two years, to a clearly growing Raptors. Giannis, unhinged.


Giannis Antetokounmpo assures that he has learned to live with bad streaks, and some have already happened despite being the reigning MVP and having already won it twice. His Bucks, despite his presence, do not start. Now they are not only threatened in the East by the Nets of the killer trio of Durant, Irving and Harden, but also by a Sixers who outnumber everyone in the standings with Embiid at the top. The Bucks have five straight losses and the Raptors, champions in 2019 precisely by eliminating Mike Budenholzer's, have been the only team to be added to that list. Fear is beginning to reach Milwaukee, which has not advanced in the direct fight for the title but has made it clear in recent years that it controls the regular phase.

Giannis Antetokounmpo reveals that he is knowing how to relativize the losses thinking that the next day is coming soon, given the NBA schedule and what this phase of the campaign really means. But the truth is that, against the Raptors, he was eliminated for fouls and adding an elbow in the mouth of OG Anunoby that crowned a performance in which he was seen very nervous and powerless before his own failures. The Greek approached the triple-double, but with 8/20 in shots and five losses. The right tone was set by the star of the rival team, Pascal Siakam, with 27 points. Normal Powell was the leading scorer with 29 points. Another loud alarm goes off.

The absence of Jrue Holiday, which is true glue in the defense, was very noticeable. The Raptors opened the seams of the Bucks very little by little, beginning with a sibylline movement of the ball, with the later appearance of Thomas on the outside and Baynes on the inside as hinges for Siakam, and with a very successful Powell. The locals survived because of Giannis and a sporadic triple in the first quarter, but were faced with reality in the second. They failed to defend the shooters well, leaving too much room for Nurses to execute patiently. In the middle of the second period the distance was already greater than ten.

A small push after the break came from Milwaukee. In attack. In defense they remained the same. It did not take Lowry, VanVleet was enough without being too successful. The energy provided by the other Anteto, Thanasis, wanted it to be a boost for Giannis and the rest of the players, but the good disposition of the Raptors prevented it. Changes when Giannis approached the rim and correct choices to choose the victim when attacking. Middleton was also lazy. The star Helena, was due to fouls before finishing and with stripes of the game in which she threw too much responsibility to her colleagues. Nothing good will come of this cocktail for them.

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