Borja Mayoral's secrets

The Madrid youth squad dazzles in Rome: he has nine goals and six assists. Quick adaptation, personal trainer ... and even own recipes in the kitchen.

Borja Mayoral has exploded in Italy. The Madrid youth squad has needed just four months to take over the starting position in Roma and leave outstanding figures: he has nine goals and six assists in 1,008 minutes. Dial or attend every 67 '.

Those nine goals (one for every 112 ') are equal to the best mark of his professional career, since last year he achieved the same goals all season with Levante. Now he has four months of competition ahead of him to set a new personal best.

His acclimatization to Rome has been perfect. He fit in quickly in the dressing room thanks to the support of other Spaniards (Pedro, Carles Pérez, Pau López and Villar) and the adaptation to such a different football did not weigh on him. Nor has the language been a problem, since he already gives the interviews in a more than acceptable Italian (the press was surprised by the speed with which he learned it) .

With all these ingredients, the logical thing is that Rome decides to keep it as property. He signed a two-year loan and Italians have a purchase option at the end of each one: 15 million this year and 20 million at the end of next year. If they exercise it, Madrid will only have a right of first refusal ... 444 444Work Both in Levante and now in Roma have been surprised with their ability to work. Mayoral understood years ago that taking care of his physique was essential to become among the best forwards in the world. Javi Ledes (his personal trainer) and David Fernández (his physiotherapist) have become two more members of his family. He incorporates extra work to the demanding training sessions carried out in Italy to further improve his abilities and prevent injuries. To that he adds a diet that is carefully cared for in detail (he has become an expert cook), which allows him to give an extra extra that later shows on the pitch ... 444 444

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