Blake Griffin will not play with Detroit again: exit sought

The Pistons' own general manager, Troy Weaver, has confirmed to ESPN that the forward and the franchise are talking to find a solution.


Through the dispatches of the NBA, the movements begin to accelerate their pace. Today, Shams Charania (The Athletic) and Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) confirmed the differences between Andre Drummond and Cleveland Cavaliers. A situation inherited from the mega-step that took James Harden to Brooklyn and that pushed the dominoes of the movements. Inertia sent Jarrett Allen to the Cavs and now, as a consequence, Drummond, already removed from the team, is looking for a way out. A few hours later, Wojnarowski himself has made public that the Pistons forward, Blake Griffin, is in a similar situation. In this case, however, it is a much kinder situation: between the organization and the player there are no frictions and, together, they are already working to find the best solution.

"After an extensive conversation with Blake's representatives, it was agreed that we will begin working to facilitate a resolution about his future with the team that maximizes the interests of both parties. We respect all the effort that Blake has made in Detroit and his career. and we will work to achieve a positive result for all those involved ", explained this afternoon, the general manager of the Pistons, Troy Weaver, to ESPN. In a statement for the same media, the player himself has also spoken: "I am grateful to the Pistons for understanding what I want to achieve in my career and for working together on the best way forward," the text contains. Throughout this process, the forward, who no longer played the last game against New Orleans Pelicans, will not wear the team jersey again.

Detroit and Griffin are at a different vital moment. The franchise, which is currently second to last in the East, is undergoing a deep rebuilding process. His latest move, the trade from Derrick Rose to the Knicks, is the best example. A case very similar to the current one: mutual agreement that is rewarding for everyone involved. This is being the policy of Weaver, who opens in Detroit offices this year. In his mind, the future passes through players like Killian Hayes, Sekou Doumbouya or Saddiq Bey, young talents who are already accumulating important minutes. Griffin, like Rose, doesn't fit into that profile. And Griffin, like Rose, at 31, wants to rush his options to achieve a feat of greater ceiling. Utopianly, the ring; with his feet on the ground, a few last years of career that guarantee him to subscribe to the playoffs.

Although the agreement between both parties is complete, the operation does not seem easy. A third interlocutor is missing: destiny. Currently, the forward has a two-year contract: this season, he still has to make 36.6 million dollars and, the next, another 39 (player option). In total, 75.6 million which, today, are a risky bet. Griffin, who has been an All Star 12 times, is not what he used to be. And not only because of what his statistical records say: he is a totally different player. The mates were what took him to the top, never better said; but this season he has not sunk the rim even once. The injuries, which have been mistreating him since time immemorial, have forced him to change his game and, now, he flees from contact and the most cumbersome fights whenever he can. Try not to force the machine and even adapt to the triple era. With all this, this season he is averaging 12.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.9 assists. We will see if any franchise has the accounts.

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