Between salvation and the League

Challenge for the rojillos against a rival who aspires to the title. Sevilla, for the sixth victory after their European stumble and those of Arrasate, who are looking for more margin, to chain their third triumph.


The Navarrese breed always distinguishes itself by not giving up even in the worst scenarios. He stands on the wall and strikes, perseveres without caring about the rival. Osasuna defends his shield and the club supports his coach and sports director through thick and thin, without attending to the classification. This mindset and Budimir above can work the miracle. Sevilla, however, is not the best guest at El Sadar. Add five victories in the League. A powerful, resistant team with a luxurious squad, with the aim of making the mark in the League and overtaking Barça, so the rojillos will have to expose all their resources to continue their particular climb. The challenge, adding the third consecutive victory after those of Eibar and Levante. The one from Sevilla, do not leave hairs in the hole (follow the game live on

Jagoba Arrasate does not allow relaxation or draws castles in the air. He comes from clay football and is aware that they must touch perfection to avoid crashing against the Seville team. The Berriatua coach seems to have doubts regarding the game system, in which he has alternated two schemes, with two points or with three men in a wide area. Sevilla lands in Pamplona without the wound that Dortmund caused them in the Champions League, another of the open fronts in the Andalusian capital, has yet healed. Although the tie is still open, the disaster could be definitive, so it is urgent for Lopetegui to show that the defects that came to light against the Germans was an accident, that in the League they want to put the sixth gear. With the exception of the Argentines Acuña and Ocampos, both injured, the entire first team has moved to El Sadar. Osasuna, who does not want to be the band-aid from Seville, his war is another, very different. Salvation enters and the League is the game.

Can go to Barcelona

Sevilla, which has 45 points, if they beat Osasuna, they will be third in the table, beating Barça and seven points behind the Atlético leader, which would put themselves fully into the fight for the title. He traveled to Pamplona with the firm intention of condemning a sixth victory in a row in LaLiga to mitigate his European setback with Borussia Dortmund with the exhibition of Norwegian striker Erling Haaland.

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