Berbatov: "La Real have no options against United"

"Not long ago I was heartbroken for my old club," he says without embarrassment. "But it is that the Real was the leader of LaLiga nothing", exposes the legend of the 'red devils'.


The Europa League round of 32 between Real and United is approaching, a colossal match that would paralyze Donostia under normal conditions, but that due to the pandemic will be experienced at the end of this month with the Reale Arena stands empty. Berbatov, legend of the 'red devils' and ambassador of Betfair, was convinced of the possibilities of the English team. "Manchester United should easily eliminate Real Sociedad," the former Bulgarian international was resounding.

Berbatov showed a different opinion shortly after the draw. What has this time changed? Your reading has rested. "Not long ago I was heartbroken for my old club," he says without embarrassment. "But the thing is that Real was the leader of LaLiga. Normal to be afraid ... although now I no longer have it. First, because in LaLiga the weaknesses of Real have been exposed and they have fallen on the table. But it is that while United goes in the opposite direction, like a shot fighting for the Premier, "he added.

Among the dangers that Real Sociedad will face against Manchester United, Berbatov points out as one of the fundamental points Solskjaer's rotations that are allowing to give confidence to all his players. “In the 9-0 win against Southampton Pogba was not a starter, he was on the bench and despite this, the team thrashed. That will show you the benefits of rest and will allow you to be key in the next matches. But it is that Cavani only played the first part of that match because Solskjaer took him off at halftime. Another canny decision for a 33-year-old who will also be important. Or Martial, who made a double and is on a roll ”, warned the Betfair ambassador.

Berbatov also advised Real Madrid to study Hazard's departure after the Belgian remains sunk in a loop of injuries that has prevented him, since his arrival in the capital, from showing a version close to the one that dazzled at Chelsea. "Real Madrid should consider selling it," the Bulgarian began resoundingly. “He has had a lot of injuries since he arrived in Spain and that has prevented him from showing that brilliant football that he had at Chelsea. If it were something occasional ... but it is that when a player is injured again and again and then underperforms when he recovers, that is a sign that there is some other problem that affects him ", evaluated the Betfair ambassador. its sale. He has not yet shown what was expected of him. It would not be strange to see him go out in the summer. ”

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