Bayern reach the Sextete, like Guardiola's Barça

Those of Flick, with more problems than expected, are crowned world champion. In Pavard's goal, Lewandowski appears to touch the ball with his arm.


Bayern won the Club World Cup and already has its Sextete, like Guardiola's Barça in 2009. But the coronation of the King of Kings was accompanied by much controversy. The goal that gave the Bavarians the 1-0 victory had to be reviewed by the VAR, initially for an offside which, taking a look at the lines drawn by FIFA, was not. But the Polish Bayern star seemed (effectively) to touch the ball with his elbow that ended up in Pavard's boots so that the full-back shot into an empty goal. The very brave Tigres de Monterrey complained, but it didn't do them any good. The goal went up to the Doha light and crowned the best Bayern in its centenary history.

They didn't start by biting the Tigers, but neither did Bayern. A lot of caution on both sides, little verticality, typical in a final. What you don't get used to is seeing Bayern jogging. The Flick team has little to do with the beast that crumbled Barcelona just half a year ago. Especially when things are complicated. Ferretti knows a lot about this and was opposed by a disciplined team, which reduced spaces and deprived the Champions of what he lives: the overflow. Still, it came. A Kimmich shot from the edge ended in the back of Guzmán's net, but the VAR canceled the goal (this time, very correctly) for Lewandowski's offside. The Pole had another, but he was not fine. Bad omen. At the moment.

Flick was unhinged in the band when he saw how well tamed Ferretti's Tigers were. What the Aztecs lacked was that their Lewandowski, the Frenchman Gignac, appeared, but it was difficult for the UANL to find its star, well tied by Lucas and Süle in the center of the Munich rear. Those at the top also went up a gear. More speed, more momentum, more Bayern. Gnabry warned. He went high. And it was then, in '59, when Pavard, at pleasure after an aerial duel between Lewandowski and Guzmán, scored the goal that raised Bayern to another sphere. He went in, but the lineman had raised the flag. Lewy again. Again the VAR. There was no offside, but, some elbow, yes. Lewandowski's elbow. Football history

Ferretti acknowledges that Bayern was superior

Brazilian Ricardo Ferretti, coach of the UANL Tigres, acknowledged this Thursday that Bayern Munich was better than his team and deserved the title in the Qatar Club World Cup. "We tried to make our game, they were superior and deserved the victory," he said, referring to the Germans' 1-0 victory with a goal from Benjamin Pavard. Ferretti's Tigres started well, but Bayern prevented them from advancing three-quarters of the pitch forward and limited the attack by the Mexicans to a single shot on goal.

"We have to keep working, improving in many aspects, if we want to have the level that we hope to, next time, deserve the victory," he said. "The team did not break down, it was good, it sought to attack against a team that defends well, has possession of the ball and put pressure on the entire court," added the coach. Ferretti acknowledged that he is not returning to Mexico happy because he wanted the world title, but he appreciated the dedication of his footballers.

By reaching the World Cup final, Tigres, which has won five league titles in Mexico in the last 10 years, achieved its best international performance, having reached the final of the Copa Libertadores in 2015 and having won the Liga de Concacaf champions last December. In the Mexican Clausura, he adds two wins, a draw and a defeat, with one game pending, and is eighth in the table. The team will travel to Mexico in the next few hours to host Cruz Azul on Wednesday. -EFE

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