Barja relieves Osasuna and puts Alavés on the edge of the abyss

The albiazul team continues its fall into the void with Abelardo. In 94 minutes he only fired one shot between the three sticks. Boring match in which both were on their way to a zero draw.

The match pointed to a scoreless draw when Kike Barja, who came from the bench, made it 0-1 in a play that was born in the Rubén García-Roberto Torres society and that finished off the red after a defensive failure by Manu and Ximo Navarro and timorous departure from Pacheco. The Badajoz stuck in the line trying to stop the trajectory but, perhaps, he should have attacked the ball to try to block it or clear it. Osasuna adds three points, Alavés does not do it and the Navarrese, in addition, take the particular average. Round night for the Old Kingdom.

Two teams faced each other that have the classification in a handkerchief. Three points between Navarre and Alava, with the tie at 1 in the first leg as a reference. Abelardo opted for Laguardia to the detriment of Tachi and Ximo Navarro occupied the right side displacing Martín to the left. In Osasuna, opportunity for Cruz and Budimir. The rest, the usual in both teams. Well, Lucas as the starter, this year he doesn't do it regularly. The game was aimed at intense, full of disputes and with a lot of muscle on both scales.

What there were hardly any in the first half were scoring opportunities. The break was reached with 12 local fouls and 10 reds. The only chance, double, was Osasuna in 37 with a header from Budimir that was taken out under the sticks between Pacheco and Lejeune and a subsequent shot from Calleri that covered Laguardia with his chest. There were three cards, one of them to a player who protested from the stands. In modern football everything is heard and a complaint from Unai García, who was a substitute, was sanctioned by the referee. The rest, too much respect and fear of losing. Draw very little.

Alavés started better in the second half but they only shot once on goal when the game was over. It was Joselu with a very focused shot that sought to surprise but Sergio responded perfectly. In a stuck crossing, the departure of Kike Barja and the inspiration of Rubén and Torres allowed a goal that puts Alavés in many problems. The best news for Abelardo was the emergence of Pellistri, a different footballer, with self-confidence and the desire to overflow. He even finished off a good volley that went high but could well catch the goal. After the 0-1, Pitu took Ximo Navarro off the field and ended the match with three defenders closing in desperately. Only Joselu could score. And, if in 94 minutes you only shoot one shot between the three clubs, you have it complicated. At most, you can tie at zero.

Abelardo: "It was a big stick"

Deportivo Alavés coach Abelardo Fernández admitted that his team's defeat against Osasuna was "a big stick" and that the punishment suffered was "too harsh". The Asturian said at a press conference that his players played a "very complete defensive game", but acknowledged that they lacked "creating and generating chances" .

"I don't like to talk about the word luck, but we have also lacked it," said the coach, who would have accepted a point as good, but said that "we must continue to insist". He assumed that the situation after the defeat "is difficult and complicated," but said they will continue to fight and work. "My mentality is that", remarked the babazorro coach, who made it clear that they cannot collapse and assured that "things will work out" .

"I am leaving worried about the result, because Osasuna has not generated much danger for us either," analyzed "Pitu", who concluded that sometimes the players do not dare to do some things and bet on transmitting confidence to them. "This is very long, we will have a bad time, but I have confidence in them and we will celebrate it," he said.Arrasate: "They are three golden points"

The Osasuna coach, Jagoba Arrasate, indicated after his team's victory against Deportivo Alavés that they were "three golden points" and acknowledged that they took "a giant step" towards the goal of the Salvation. The Biscayan acknowledged that "in recent games the changes are being decisive" and applauded that the people on the bench "come out plugged in."

"The alignment is important, but within the game plan the changes are important," he remarked. "We have a path and if we are defeating direct rivals along the way, much better" said the coach, who analyzed that they were better in the first half and that Kike Barja's goal came "with some fortune" when he roamed the area the most the Alavés. "The defensive baggage of the team has been very good," said the rojillo coach.

About the scorer, he pointed out that "Barja is energy, desire and hunger and that comes in handy when rivals can be more exhausted." "This encourages us to continue on the path and we are closer to the goal," said Arrasate, who now sees that his team "feels capable of winning even matches that they lost before." "That emotional balance has brought us here," he concluded.

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