Barcelona walk through Bilbao before facing the Cup

Jasikevicius was able to reserve his first swords with minimal expense on Miribilla. Minutes for the kids and Mirotic was only on track 18. Hanga and Davies, brilliant.


Barcelona took a tour of Miribilla before the first big goal of the season: the Copa del Rey. He had no mercy with the bottom. The logic prevailed between the leader of the Euroleague and the last of the ACB. He was doing the usual, maturing the game and throwing himself like a wolf after the prey from the break. He came after an impeccable start to the year and the hiccups against Efes, so he was not kidding. Higgins and Abrines rested at home. Among the two possibilities that Mumbrú could choose with Bilbao Basket, that is, proposing a game closed under lock and key with a low score and another of going bare-chested at a high pace and points like rain on a flood day, he chose the latter. It is the right thing to do, that the team looks face to face with one of the most brilliant squads in Europe. Like against Madrid. Better to be happy in search of a heroic mission for two rooms than to agonize minute by minute for a utopian cause. The team put up with the guy during the first half. His staging was already a blessed declaration of intentions, that if the Catalans thought they were going to pick up a dead man, the corpse danced happily: 4-0, with a cap from Rousselle to Calathes and two dunks from Balvin.

The favorites for the Cup usually appear in the previous League match with a double feeling: the coaches plan to make the right expense, do not risk possible injuries and make the last adjustments. But it is also about winning at all costs, so as not to knock on the door of the February appointment with a slap in the face. The Barça was making way reserving its gasoline. Mirotic posted against Kulboka, and went from 11-4 to 11-14. The transition of Barcelona also began to give a Barca color to the night. Then the Spanish international came out to run.

Bilbao Basket used all its energies to get as far as the lungs would give it, although it knew it would take a long time. He finished the first quarter with 23-25, loading the rebound well. Jasikevicius' team had a hard time generating leads without Mirotic on the track. He switched on all blocks and tried to deny Rousselle receptions. The pace was very high and the 'men in black' showed a fluidity unknown for many days. But the feeling persisted that it was a refreshing glass of water in the Sahara, that it would end and sunstroke would come. An unsportsmanlike performance by Brown and techniques to Mumbrú and Jasikevicius slowed down a meeting with many points and little defense.

Rousselle this time was very active and helped the people of Bilbao to hold on to the game. Huskic also generated with his enormous offensive talent in a good rotation. But the escorts were a disaster: Brown and Jenkins ran out of bullets in their shotgun. Zyskowski was very incisive, it seemed that the slogan was to look at the rim aggressively. On the opposite side, Bolmaro gave a recital. Huge physique of the Argentine.

The last shout of "we will win" was a 42-45 with a triple by Rousselle at the start of the second half. Untill there. Barça raised the level of intensity and his physique led him to probe for a possible beating. Mumbrú chose to stabilize his gala quintet to find good feelings and exhaustion ended up trapping them in the web of a lavish squad. RETAbet could not have the aggressiveness demanded and the aid did not arrive. The defense on Rousselle was adjusted better so that he did not receive the ball and Mumbrú sheltered his troops in an open 2-3 zone in search of finding good vibes. Barça had the job done and in the end even young Badio had his moment of glory.

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Mumbrú: "I am proud of the players' fight in the first half"

Alex Mumbrú confessed to being "proud" of the "dedication and struggle" that his players showed in the first half, despite the defeat of Miribilla against him FC Barcelona (73-90) .

"We started competing very well and doing the first half which is how we want to be. We had about 20 very good first minutes being aggressive, running and controlling the rebound. We must continue with that version," said the 'men in black' coach. .

Mumbrú added that the third quarter "was differential" when explaining the final score since they had "losses that allowed easy baskets" from Barça and "there the game was broken because from then on" it was difficult to come back against a such physical equipment ".

"I already said that we had a good week of training and being able to have almost one hundred percent of the team makes us feel much better. Now we have three weeks to continue training together, improve details and finish teaming up," concluded Mumbrú.

Jasikevicius highlights the "seriousness" of Westermann and Hanga in the first quarter

Sarunas Jasikevicius highlighted the "seriousness" that Leo Westermann and Adam Hanga contributed in the first quarter to allow their team to take off on the scoreboard in the victory achieved in Miribilla against the RETAbet Bilbao Basket (73-90) .

"In the first quarter we came out a bit asleep and we were a step behind in the first 4-5 minutes. Then players like (Adam) Hanga or (Leo) Westermann coming off the bench have given us seriousness. Leo has led the team very well making very good decisions, "said the Lithuanian coach.

Jasikevicius added that Barça's third quarter was "very good" especially because they defended "very well" and stole "seven balls" that allowed them to run "easily on the counterattack" .

"We have scored many easy points and we gained a lot of confidence. We must be very happy to have won on the court with a team that plays good and serious basketball," concluded the Barcelona coach.

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