Barcelona approved and suspended: Lenglet and Griezmann 'puncture' the LaLiga balloon

The defender, who caused an innocent penalty in the last minute, and the forward, who did not give a right, prevent Barcelona from adding the three points.


Ter Stegen: The only shot between the three sticks of Cádiz was the penalty that Álex Fernández threw in the 89th minute. Until then, the German goal had hardly had a job, only a few isolated centers and little else.

Dest: It went from more to less. Very dynamic in the first half, with many appearances on the right wing, with very dangerous centers and combining successfully with Dembélé. After the break, he no longer had so much presence and was much less present on the field. He was replaced by Mingueza in the last minutes.

Piqué: He completed the ninety minutes, showing that he was already perfectly recovered from the knee injury that has taken him out for almost three months. Solvent in all facets of the game, although it was quite tiring.

Lenglet: Bad. The Frenchman was one of the greats signaled by the draw against Cádiz by committing an absurd penalty in the final minutes of the match. Sobrino was ahead of him and the center-back kicked him absurdly in his attempt to clear the ball. Before this absurd action, he had a lot of trouble defending Negredo. Koeman must be waiting with crossed fingers for the return of Ronald Araújo.

Alba: He has been several games without finding Messi in attack. Still, his match was commendable, although he was less participatory on the left wing than on other occasions. He tried a shot outside the area, but found no goal.

Sergio Busquets: One of the best. He was the player who moved the best on the field, who found better solutions when it came to continuing the game and who looked for more passes between the lines. Too bad that this time his teammates did not know how to take advantage of so much generosity in the game.

De Jong: Good defensively, especially when it comes to recovering balls and avoiding the opponent's transition, but more subdued in attack, where he did not know how to move comfortably against the large defense of Cádiz. He scored a goal, but it was just annulled.

Pedri: He caused the penalty in a rogue action and once again showed his great talent when it came to moving in short spaces and looking for Leo Messi, his best partner in the field. He gave Leo a great assist, with a ball in semi vaseline, but the Argentinean sent the ball narrowly.

Dembélé: The most destabilizing, but also the most flawed of the team. The Frenchman had several heads up with the goalkeeper, sending all the balls out. It is true that in many of his plays he looked for lentils himself, but if in the end it does not end in a goal, the frustration is absolute. Koeman's nonsense made him desperate.

Griezmann: Every day that passes is a slap in the face for the Frenchman and for those who bet on his signing. Absolutely disconnected in the game, not only does he not contribute anything but he already directly takes things away from the team, as in Pedri's goal, which was canceled by a previous offside by the Frenchman. He's making plenty of merits to 'suck' bench sine die.

Messi: He scored a penalty and was the player who tried the most times to look at Ledesma's goal, but it was evident that he did not have the day. In any case, he was the player who gave the most sense of danger on the field, putting the rival goalkeeper in more than one gap. As the match progressed, his face turned from concern to despair.


Braithwaite: Remains anything but decisive or decisive.

Pjanic: He put strength in the spinal cord, although he was not very successful in a clear shot.

Trincao: On this occasion, his contribution from the right wing was insignificant.

Riqui Puig: He was very close to putting the 2-0 on the scoreboard and closing the game with a very tight shot that brushed the square.

Mingueza: He played the last ten minutes, providing strength and legs on the right wing.

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