Asier Garitano works the abyss

When he returned he was tied for 7th and 11 points from direct promotion. Now he opens a gap of 9 with the pursuers and is only 3 from the ascent.


Asier Garitano returned to Leganés on January 27, 2021. Not even a month has passed (the anniversary will be on Saturday, after having played in Cartagena) and the panorama in Butarque is totally different from what was drawn on the horizon in the cucumber field. Then Leganés was sixth, with the same points as the seventh classified (34, like Ponferradina) and one less game that did not feed hope. The rival of that postponed duel, Almería, then seemed an unbeatable 'bogeyman'.

Today, however, where there used to be a risk of being outside the privileged zone, an abyss emerges. The Lega already orbits nine points above the play-off exclusion zone in a reverse trend cut. Because on that Wednesday when Bergara's team was once again at the helm of the pepineros, the abyss was what could be seen over their heads.

Eleven points distanced Lega from direct promotion. Now that distance is only three points and, to top it all, it has also been possible to reduce to nothing, zero points, the difference with the third classified, an Almería that now does not seem so coconut (on Wednesday of last week it fell in Butarque ) and that he no longer emerges as the only serious candidate to enter direct promotion positions. Now the Lega also flies that flag.

It is supported and shaken, yes, by its fans and an environment that lives excited about the last five consecutive victories, the first time that Lega has achieved it in the professional category. In the Leganés dressing room the message is diametrically opposite. Thing of a Garitano who does not care how to ask about the options of the Lega to ascend. He always responds with evasions, a message without a calculator and the next training as the only horizon.

"The goal today is to rest tomorrow. That is the goal," he answered ironically after beating Tenerife in the first question of his appearance. "The objective is still the same [as the one we had when we returned]. Each time we are closer to the best. This game [against Tenerife] is going to give us the option to shorten something or to Mallorca or Almería [there was still no played his game], but the goal after such a hard week is, at least, to rest on Monday and come back on Tuesday. It's the only goal right now, "he added bluntly. Almost as much as the chasm it has opened in the privileged zone.

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