Arteta praised Ceballos after his blunders

The Arsenal coach defended him on a bad day for the player, which could cost them the elimination of the Europa League: "He carries his profession as if it were the most important thing in his life."

It was the black night of Dani Ceballos who gave away one of Benfica's two goals and led to the other and that they had the Portuguese team with the pass to the knockout stages of the Europa League in their pocket. After Arteta was seated on the bench, things changed and two goals from Aubameyang and in between Kieran Tierney saved Arsenal from shipwreck. To have killed us !, the Spanish midfielder must have thought.

In spite of everything, Mikel Arteta, had a few words of praise for Ceballos in such a difficult moment for the Sevillian, dedicating the pass to the second round: "I am especially happy for Dani, he carries his profession as if it were the most important thing in his life. When he made that mistake, if that had meant we were out of the competition, it would have been difficult for him. Someone like Dani deserves good things to happen to him. "

Arteta, although he focused especially on Ceballos, transferred his good words to the entire team for the feat of the comeback: "Certainly this result keeps the season alive, that's for sure. Today it would have been really hard to get eliminated after what happened. on the way out and back. So I'm very happy to pass.

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