Arteta denounces harassment of her family on social networks

"I prefer not to elaborate on the subject, but I think we are all very exposed to this in this industry," says the Arsenal manager.


The Premier League, that is, its players, its clubs, its referees and its coaches, has had enough of harassment and threats on social networks and has declared an open war against a scourge that contaminates the environment of the world of sport. After the complaints of racism issued by some footballers, and the refusal of the referee Mike Dean to participate in a match due to the seriousness of the messages received, the last to join the protest is Mikel Arteta, who has spoken of a problem that affects him both him and his family.

"I prefer not to elaborate on the subject, but I think that we are all very exposed to this in this industry. That is why I prefer not to read social networks, because I know that it would affect me a lot personally if someone says something about My family. As has happened before, and the club is aware of this, we have tried to do something about it. That's all. We have to live with it, "said the Gunner coach at a press conference, although he wanted to make it clear that this it is something that must be solved in the future. "It's not going to stop tomorrow, we already know that, but maybe we can do something in the medium or long term, right? That's what I'm trying."The Spaniard, who is, however, a highly respected figure loved by his fans, assures that he feels better by feeling supported by the entity. "We are lucky that the club supports us in everything. We do what we have to do when these things happen, because we must protect the people who are involved in this sport. Perhaps, in this way, the same thing happens in other areas of society, "added Arteta, who did not want to give more details about when these threats against him and his closest environment occurred.

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