Arsenal, aim problems

The 'gunners' are one of the best defenses in the Premier, while their attack generates chances, but does not convert them. It is time to reform the avant-garde.


Arsenal comes and goes. In the comings, he went down to the bottom of the table. In the comings, he regained his pace and approached the European posts. In the comings he has lost his step again (they have three games without winning). And that instability does not go hand in hand with the objectives set at the beginning of the year: fighting with those from above to return to the Champions League. With the market closed, Arteta will have to finish this season with the existing wickers, but, as the 'Mirror' points out, next year, Edu, sports director, and he have duties: adjust the team's attack.A few months ago, with Aubameyang renewed and with FA Cup and Community Shields lifted, smiles appeared among the long-suffering 'Gunner' fans, who were waiting for the final rebirth to take shape. However, as we progressed, stability has not arrived and, surprisingly, the problem is not defensive, as it was in the past, if not aiming. Arteta has managed to tie the loop and now Arsenal's rearguard is one of the most reliable in the Premier: only Manchester City and Tottenham have fewer units against in their locker.

However, in the must 'gunner' appears the goal. Only seven teams have scored fewer than Londoners. An Arsenal whose nickname (gunners is the translation of 'gunners') does not fit at the moment. Chances come. In fact, according to the statistics of expected goals (xG) collected by the aforementioned media, he should have scored 30.04 goals, three above the 27 they accumulate at this point. The expected goals are a parameter that analyzes the quality of the chances, giving a value to each shot. For example, if an action ends in a goal 30 percent of the time, compute as 0.3.

It is surprising that a team that has one of the best strikers of the last years of the Premier, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, suffers from a lack of aim. But in Auba the problem begins, because since his renewal in summer he seems to have lost his nose: 5 goals in 19 games in the Premier. Furthermore, the team's top scorer is a Lacazette whose future is in question.

Much unknown in attack

And here comes the moment to make decisions. Only Martinelli and the Gabonese have a contract as of 2022. The Frenchman ends his contract in 2022 and his market value is far from the 53 million euros paid by him in 2017. Lacazette, despite his figures, has lost preponderance in the European elite and it seems difficult to recover a large part of the investment. Renew him at the risk of economically compromising the team, trying to make some cash for him or letting him be free in 2022 and not receiving any economic benefit? That's the big decision to make at the Emirates offices.

In addition, Folarin Balogun and Eddie Nketiah appear with two young talents from the quarry. The second ends contract at the same time as Laca and, so far, he has not managed to break the door down with his goals, despite showing pieces of a great striker. The first, on the other hand, is a situation of greater urgency if possible, since his relationship with the club ends this summer and, at 19, he wants to have minutes, something that, for now, Arteta is not offering him. Offers will not be lacking for the New Yorker (he has dual nationality, American and English) .

Decisions. Everything indicates that Arteta will finish the season and he will be trusted next time if there is no debacle in these final months of the season. Therefore, Edu and he will have to sit down to evaluate the problems in the attack and to look for solutions. They have already managed to get rid of titanic contracts in players who did not have the approval of the Basque, such as Mustafi, Sokratis or Mesut Özil. Now, it is time to finish the reconstruction work and they must do it as soon as possible. Arsenal are a patient club, but all patience has limits.

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