Approved and suspended by the Real: Remiro avoided humiliation

Completely overtaken by the Manchester United gale, Cascante's goalkeeper made four more outstanding saves.


- Remiro: Despite receiving four goals, he was the best by far for Real Sociedad. He stopped four very clear heads-up from Manchester, avoiding a scandalous win. Too bad that the false start of the first goal spoils his overall performance a bit. He was sold on the other three goals.

- Zaldua: Too late to forget, who ended up with a worrying muscle injury. United played all the time for his band and they looked for his back too easily. The third goal portrays his performance. Easy center to the hands of Henderson, who takes Fred out quickly, and he goes deep through the band of San Sebastian to Rashford, who puts the 0-3.

- Zubeldia: He suffered the whole game with the balls behind him. Thus came three of the four goals. His weaknesses as a center back were quickly exposed. His worst game as a central defender.

- Monreal: His band held up well, as it shows that they always wanted to enter from the right. An error of his could cost a goal before the 0-1; and the 0-4 comes from his flank. Approved justito.

- Illarramendi: In a match of such physical demand, it was noticed that he is still green and he still needs to regain his best form. He was always late and was totally outmatched by McTominay and Fred.

- Merino: Tried, but without success. Entangled in the physical power in front of him, at no time was he able to impose himself on the core.

- Silva: Missing in combat. La Real was not able to find him and paid dearly. Physically I still need to improve a lot.

- Oyarzabal: No ball, nothing to reproach him for. But with the ball, it was horrible, and it is not usual for him.

- Januzaj: For the good and the bad, this is the Belgian. An anarchic player, who hardly helps in defense, but who always tries in attack. And from there it is qualified. He was far from hurting United, except for the first five minutes. But he was the only one who seemed that the ball did not burn his feet. Stopped with too many fouls, and that some did not whistle.

- Isak: The only one from Real who seemed to have the same speed as the United players. He had a good chance Henderson got him out. He started by associating well with Januzaj. And he tried his luck with a long drive that frustrated Maguire at the last minute. With the passing of the minutes it was disappearing.

- Portu: He contributed something different when he came out, but with the same luck as the others.

- Gorosabel: More successful than Zaldua, at least he was close to Real's goal and closed his band well in defense.

- Guevara: Decent work in the core since he left.

- Barrenetxea: Oyarzabal had to be given rest. At least he had time to finish off his head.

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