Anthony Davis has to stop

The injury is not very serious but requires caution. He won't play until after the All Star, at least. In three weeks he will be examined.


Lakers fans can breathe easy ... more or less. The news is not very bad, although it is not happy either. Anthony Davis, seemed sung, has to stop. And it will do so until, at least, after the break that the NBA has set between the two parties in which it has articulated its pandemic calendar. A break from March 5 to 10 in which an All Star Game will be held (Sunday 7, in Atlanta) in which the Lakers power forward will not be either.

Davis suffers a muscle injury in the lower part of the calf of the right leg, which joins the inflammation that he suffers in the area of the Achilles tendon, one with which you obviously have to be very careful. Last week, he missed two games (the double game against OKC Thunder) due to discomfort in that area. He came back (at a high level) against the Grizzlies, but in Sunday's game against the Nuggets he had to retire after his leg collided with Nikola Jokic's before the break. Today he underwent an MRI, in Denver, and the result is that there is no serious injury but a problem that must be taken care of as much as possible.

So Davis will stay with the team (without playing) for the Minnesota game against the Wolves and will go to Los Angeles to rest. He will be reevaluated in two or three weeks, but both the Lakers and Rich Paul, his agent (and LeBron James's) have made it clear that prudence and the most conservative deadlines will be chosen. The goal is for Davis, one of the most determined players in the NBA, to be in perfect condition for the playoffs, when the Lakers have to defend their championship crown.

The Achilles tendon is very delicate. The wear and tear facilitates a fracture that is also more possible with the inflammation that Davis suffers, which prevents blood from circulating normally. If such a complete tear occurs, the leave is usually for at least a year and is one of the most serious injuries for a professional player. Davis, 27, signed a five-year, $ 190 million extension with the Lakers earlier this season. So thinking about these 2021 playoffs but also in the long term, his return may even go beyond that second week of March in which the regular season will return after the All Star break.

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