Another threat to Formula 1 teams

The limitations in mobility and quarantines due to COVID-19 complicate the work of the teams to prepare for the new season.


Contagions among the drivers, suspended or postponed grand prizes, doubts about the grand prix calendar ... Formula 1 faces important obstacles due to the unstoppable advance of the coronavirus pandemic and the 2021 season is, again, complicated in almost all aspects . The development of the past, already affected by the COVID-19 crisis, was exceeded with a good note, and it is hoped that it will be achieved again now, although of course it will be with a titanic effort.

Another problem some teams face is mobility limitations and health quarantines. This is the case, as revealed by 'Auto Motor und Sport', from the Haas team, which already has its car ready for the next World Championship but without being able to install the Ferrari engine due to the difficulties of the Italian brand's engineers to carry out this task at the team headquarters.

Its base is now in Banbury, Great Britain, and the VF-21 to be used by Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin is about to be missing from the original Ferrari engine. The gearbox and some components are installed in Italy by Dallara, but the assembly of the power unit must be carried out at the team's facilities and by the Scuderia specialists. The difficulty comes because the Italian engineers would have to spend a two-week quarantine to enter Great Britain, something unaffordable at the moment and which in any case delays the final development of the car.

Guenther Steiner himself, the team leader, is affected by the situation, as he explains: “Even I cannot fly to England, I would have to quarantine for two weeks. There are only exceptions, for athletes, pilots can move ”. This is how Mick Schumacher will be in Banbury this week to make the necessary adjustments to the car (seat and controls), while next it will be Mazepin's turn. Unfortunately, all with a lot of uncertainty and no less inconvenience.

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