Another mess with Mazepin off the track

Haas's Russian driver was convicted of running a traffic light in England last June.


If Nikita Mazepin manages to talk both with his results in Formula 1 and outside of it, he will be satisfied. The Russian rider joins the Haas team this season as a partner with fellow rookie Mick Schumacher, while his wanderings away from the circuits continue to grab headlines.

After the famous and controversial video on social networks, in which he maintained inappropriate behavior with a young woman who was accompanying him inside the car, now 'RaceFans' reveals another incident of Mazepin with a car, this time as a driver. According to the specialized website, the Russian has been fined for a traffic violation that he committed last June.

The Oxfordshire (England) court has found Mazepin guilty of running over a traffic light 1.7 seconds after it turned red, for which he is sentenced to a fine of 272 pounds sterling (about 312 euros), in addition to take charge of legal costs. The same source also refers to “compensation for the victims”, although without specifying whether other people were affected in the incident. It also indicates that the Russian will lose three points of his driving license, therefore it is understood to be issued in the United Kingdom.

The Russian's aggressiveness on the tracks precedes him, with several incidents throughout his sporting career, including last year in Formula 2. He finished fifth in the championship losing 11 of the 12 available points on his driver's license, with which it was only one of the automatic suspension.

Despite this, he drew the attention of the American Haas team to incorporate him into its structure together with Schumacher, although the team has openly acknowledged that the economic contribution of his father (an important businessman in the chemical industry) has been decisive for his election.

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