Anadolu Efes ends Barça's unbeaten record in 2021

The Catalans could not cope with the offensive potential of the Turks, with Micic at the head. The final arreón and Mirotic (24) were insufficient.


Barça's first defeat came in 2021 and it came against a rival who has perfectly taken the measure. Anadolu Efes won their third game in a row against the Catalans, imposing their game and their style from the first minute, without going back once on the scoreboard. Barça was unable to contain Micic, Larkin and company, at the same time that they had many problems to attack the Turkish defense in static. Barça's numerous losses were too much advantage for the visitors. Despite this, those of Jasikevicius had options and fought until the last gasp.

Mirotic's points sustained Barça in the opening minutes, unable to translate their match plan. Anadolu was too comfortable in attack, dealing damage from direct blocks with two-singles. They improved Barça's success rate and also ran more after the rebound, quickly getting ahead on the scoreboard. Within ten minutes, the Turks had scored 27 points.

A score against too high for any team, but especially for a Barça that has one of its best weapons in its defense. The Barça attack, however, allowed them not to get off the game (22-27). Oriola and Hanga accompanied Mirotic well.

With Larkin on the court, apparently without any physical problems, the game script continued where Anadolu wanted: fast attacks, comfortable baskets and almost absolute control of the defensive rebound. Jasikevicius moved the bench, more than his rival, trying to find a solution to the visitor's superiority. In summary, Barça was not able to stop the offensive range of Anadolu Efes, who was 10 up five minutes before the break (34-44). Micic and Larkin on the outside or Sanli and Singleton on the inside were a problem for Barça.

With Mirotic and Calathes on the track, and a downturn in the success of Efes, the difference narrowed to 50-53 with which the break was reached. Davies, with a triple from midfield to the limit of possession, also helped reduce the lead.

Tight end

Mirtoic tied the game (58-58) 5 minutes from the end of the third quarter, largely the result of Barça's defensive improvement. From the last minutes of the first half, Barça opted to make more changes in defense after the Efes blocks, which improved performance. Efes answered with a partial 0-9 that Mirotic settled with a triple key to prevent the difference from exceeding ten points. The last quarter started, again, with a visitor advantage (65-72) .

Barça's problems to score continued, forcing Jasikevicius to stop the game with 7:10 on the clock and 65-76 on the scoreboard. An extreme situation for Barça, which Larkin could perfectly sentence with a four-point play. Calathes, however, answered with a triple giving Barça one last chance in the match (70-80) that they were unable to take advantage of.

A Higgins triple put Barça 8 down with two minutes remaining, but Efes' offensive rebound made the clock run too much, unfortunately for the locals. Two consecutive triples in the last minute (from Calathes and Westermann) made the most optimistic dream, but Anadolu Efes ended up taking the match (86-88) .

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