An anti-leak formula

The championship is protected against possible gears that imitate those of Audi and BMW with the imposition of a fine for the brand that does so.


It is a championship in which brands like to boast, because they can and is something difficult to achieve in these times, it must not have sat at all well that two of the importance of Audi and BMW, which accompanied them from their beginnings in one way or another , have hit the fright in search of fortune in other parts of the world of motorsport. Formula E has learned from those two blows and has acted accordingly to ensure that whoever commits to them does so in full conditions, and whoever does not comply will have to pay for it.

Because that is what has been established by the electrical competition, the FIA World Championship since this season that begins in Saudi Arabia on February 26, in the new registration procedure of the manufacturers: a fine for those who want to leave the championship. Specifically, the rule applies to the next Formula E cycle starting in 2022 and ending in 2026, and which comes in line with the new generation of single-seaters, the Gen3, which will bring more power (350 kW in its mode of maximum delivery) and less weight (120 kg) .

This is what Article 7.4 dictates: "In the event that a manufacturer withdraws from the championship before the end of the cycle, the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and the exclusive recourse of the FIA for said withdrawal will be the payment for the registration in the Worldwide and an homologated fee from the season in which the manufacturer withdraws until the end of the cycle, which will be paid in a single term within 60 days after the effective date of the withdrawal. The manufacturer will be solely responsible for any consequence towards the competitors it supplies ". So they will think twice ...

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