"We always said there is a League"

"On a mental level, this victory helps us", said Jordi Alba. "The coach is right. We have to help young people to feel more comfortable."


Jordi Alba spoke on the microphones of Movistar

After the bad feelings, what does this triumph mean ?: On a mental level it helps us a lot. It still depends on the games we do until the end of the season for us to fight LaLiga. The tie the other day was a hard blow. Today it was also difficult for us in the first part because they followed the man. But in the second half we were better and the goals arrived.

What has changed at half-time ?: We have quickly marked 1-0 and more spaces are created. I repeat. It cost us a lot in the first part; and in the second, better.

And more effectively: Yes ... We haven't had many clear opportunities either and Leo's two goals have given us peace of mind. It was a difficult match against a great rival too. And to continue and win games.

Koeman asked veterans for a step forward: The energy is always there and, as the coach said, we have to help young people so that they feel more comfortable. But the desire of the young people and those of us who have been with us the longest have to be there. What you have to do is fight until the last minute and give joy to the fans. These are difficult times.

Is there a League ?: We have always said it; there is league. From the outside, a few days they say that we are out or that we are hooked. But we depend on us and the one who fails the least will have more options to win this highly competitive League.

Photos from as.com
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