Alpha Tauri presents Red Bull's sister car

Gasly and Tsunoda's AT02 sees the light. "I am ready to be the leader," says the Frenchman, winner of the last Italian GP. Japanese is 'rookie'.


A little over a year ago, the Alpha Tauri team was unveiled with a spectacular festive presentation at Hangar 7 in Salzburg, among airplanes, celebrities and electronic music, accompanying the car and its pilots with a fashion show. This Friday, the Faenza manufacturer showed for the first time its AT02, the 2021 car, with a simple video on YouTube, more appropriate to the pandemic. Although the simplicity of communicating the message should not cloud the reality of the old Toro Rosso: they have a Red Bull relative car capable of winning races, a good Honda engine and a great driver, Pierre Gasly, in addition to the promising Japanese rookie Yuki Tsunoda.

It is an F1 twinned with Red Bull: they share rear suspension, gearbox and Honda engine with Vestappen and Checo, and in Alpha Tauri they are inspired, no doubt, by the aerodynamics of Adrian Newey's cars. So far it has given them results, Gasly won the last Italian GP ahead of Sainz at the wheel of a very worthy tool, capable of standing up to anyone in the middle of the grid.

This year a classic, Daniil Kvyat, drops from the lineup to make room for young Tsunoda, a 20-year-old rookie and the first Japanese in F1 since 2014. One of the last demands that Honda has been able to satisfy before leaving the Grand Circus in December . "The philosophy of this team is to give the Red Bull academy drivers the opportunity to get to F1," says Franz Tost, team leader. In the case of the Japanese, they have corresponded with a few days of testing and filming days so that it lands with the maximum possible flight hours.

But the strong man is Gasly, who wins whole in the paddock as he tries to carve out a future outside the ties of energy drink, relegated from Red Bull in 2019 and without a chance to return, perhaps he did not feel like it, after winning a race in F1. "I am ready to be the leader. I am always hungry to achieve more," says the 25-year-old Frenchman. Regarding his new teammate: "I have been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with the team before the season and I have already developed some relationships and learned a lot from them, including Pierre who is an incredible talent. My goal is to learn fast. and respond with results as soon as possible ".

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