Almería returns

Sadiq, with a goal and a Maradonian play, and Corpas, with a double, erase the gray first act. The VAR 'takes away' a penalty from the UDA and 'gives' another to Lugo.


Almería once again presented its strong candidacy for direct promotion with a win that eliminates ghosts after the unfortunate last week. Lugo tried to make it difficult for him with that defense of five, although having Sadiq and Corpas is playing with an advantage despite the fact that one did not offer his optimal level and the other entered from the bench. For the memory, the Maradonian play of the Nigerian at 4-1, driving from his own field and dodging rivals with the ease of a child to eat a lollipop.

With the calendar less compressed, José Gomes introduced 'only' three novelties compared to the eleven that jumped in Mallorca: Ivanildo, Morlanes and Aketxe, by Maras, Robertone and Corpas. For his part, Nafti, in the hotel after having jumped the bubble to rent a car, put Diego Alende, Xavi Torres, Iriome and Gerard Valentín for Campabadal, Djalo, Appiah and Christian Herrera. The Franco-Tunisian put three centrals to cover Sadiq, not going wrong the bet in the first half.

Of course, a sublime performance throughout the match is no longer enough to decide as in the play of the first maximum penalty. It was the 8th minute and Lazo's leadership had its prize, with a double wall between Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Sadiq, tripping Iriome at '9'. If the Nigerian is characterized by something, it is by suspense and that fine line between success and error. It was no less in his goal: his launching of the maximum penalty was crying through the right post, clearing Cantero and dropping Venancio's rejection so as not to forgive finishing off the other post.

In the 19 'the VAR began to play, canceling another penalty against Almería. Another trip inside the area, this time from Diego Alende to an electric Aketxe was invalidated by technology due to a previous foul by Sadiq. Of course, the game of José Gomes' men was in crescendo from that action, at times becoming a monologue with Lugo defending himself like a cat belly up, without unbalancing the Almeria in the finishing zone.

It was VAR day and it reappeared with minutes to go before the end of the first act, inviting Arcediano Monescillo to point out a penalty in favor of Lugo for a hand from Ivanildo inside the area in a shot by Manu Barreiro in a corner kick. The Santiago striker himself transformed it by deceiving Makarize, waiting for him to lie down to launch it to the left side of the Georgian.

Almeria went to the changing rooms, warning again with a direct free-kick from Aketxe and came back bossy. Samu sent a long shipment for Akieme, one of the best of the afternoon, for the side to assist Lazo, who disappeared in the first half. The man from Cádiz did not forgive with a semi-volley with the right adjusted to Cantero's left post. Lugo put the game uphill, especially when Corpas jumped onto the pitch, which is already catapulting to eleven goals, something unthinkable at the beginning of the season, only two less than Sadiq.

Nothing more going out warmed up with a howitzer to give himself a double in four minutes and clear the ghosts of last week. Sadiq was his partner on both goals. The Nigerian dribbled over Cantero in the first, bouncing his shot off the left post and landing the ball at the feet of a Corpas who sentenced. Four minutes later, a move to save in the newspaper library: Sadiq drove from his own field and when he reached the front he assisted the player from Jaén, who crossed the shot. Goleada to sleep tied on points with Espanyol at the expense of a Lugo who has already chained five duels without winning.

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