Alcaraz: "I have to get up stronger and learn from this"

A little "disappointed" after losing to Ymer, Carlos Alcaraz spoke about what he had done wrong, but also about the positive he draws from the experience.


A little "disappointed" after conceding his first Grand Slam loss after the first win, Carlos Alcaraz spoke about what he had done wrong in his match against Mikael Ymer, but also about the positives he draws from his experience at the Open de Australia.

Sensations: “It's a hard day for me, I never want to lose, but I have learned a lot from this game. I have not been able to manage my nerves and I have lost control. I have to always be focused and not complain ”.

Match: "I started very well, playing very aggressive. And I think that in the second set, he played better, he didn't miss so many balls and I started to get nervous. I tried to be aggressive all the time, but since it didn't go well, I started not think clearly and complain instead of concentrating ".

With Ferrero: "We didn't talk about the game as soon as we finished, we didn't go to the shower and eat. Then we did."

Experience: "It was a great tournament, my first win. I beat a top-15 (Goffin) also on this trip, it has been a very positive tour. I am a little disappointed because nobody likes to lose. I have to get up stronger. and keep learning for the next tournaments ".

The Australian tour: "I have gained a lot of experience, which I really need in order to play this type of game. I get positive things, the level and performance that I have given, the attitude, although it has not been a virtue this time. But You have to try not to repeat the things that I have done wrong in future tournaments and learn from it ".

The atmosphere: "Many players and coaches had told me that the atmosphere was very good in Australia, and even with the COVID problem, there has been, although I hope I can come again and see it in a different, better way."

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