Alba: "This can't happen anymore, there are no excuses"

"It hurts a lot, more where we come from," added Piqué, who even then does not give up LaLiga: "It's going to last and the League remains, we will try."


Gerard Piqué spoke as soon as the game ended. This Sunday he did show his face after the game against PSG. These were his reflections.

Sensations: "It hurts a lot because after the defeat against Atlético it gave us a chance and it was a game in which we generated a lot, two goals disallowed. It hurts a lot and in a play like this lose two points because it is difficult to assimilate coming from where we come from. It was important to add the three points ".

Losing LaLiga: "Every game that you don't win, your options are reduced. I think LaLiga is going for a long time. It is an important distance but not unaffordable. In the end, it depends more on us than on others. Points will be lost. If we take a good one dynamic of the game, because I think that we can have options. Obviously it's difficult. We have to try. Today has not happened and it is a hard blow. But on Wednesday another game is coming and we will be watching. There is a League but today we will not we expected ".

How are they emotionally: "The objectives are there. We are alive in all three. The Champions League is difficult, in the Cup we will have some option and LaLiga is there, but we have to regain our sensations despite these two hard blows. We have to raise our heads. and win the three points of Elche "

The knee: "A little tired but happy to be back so soon. I didn't expect it. The recovery has gone well and I am recovering sensations. With the games I have been picking up the movements and I hope to help" .

Alba: "This can't happen anymore, there are no excuses"

"This is our fault," criticized the side on Barça TV. "We are very screwed up, we cannot let these points escape at home, he insisted.

Jordi Alba did not put hot cloths on Barça's draw: "It's our fault. We are very screwed up. We had the game dominated, but they close, they go out ... We are to blame. It was a unique opportunity to be up and today has not It could be. There is much left but we cannot let these points escape. There are no excuses, we had a unique opportunity to be upstairs and we have to reconsider and study many things but this cannot happen anymore. Now we have to continue because we are alive in all three competitions, but I repeat. It was a shame. It is a missed opportunity and we must continue "

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