Alaba asks for 22 million

The Bayern player, in the orbit of Madrid, demands an exorbitant salary from his new club and a duration of five seasons, according to ESPN and The Telegraph.


Bayern did not even think about it. When he found out what David Alaba was asking for to stamp his signature on his renewal in the Bavarian capital, the dome of the Champions Champions closed the negotiations. What was not known until now was the exact amount that the Austrian asked, a stratospheric salary that ESPN and the Telegraph have just revealed. Always according to these media, Alaba asks a total of 450,000 euros a week from the team that wants to get him. The sum is equivalent to two million per month, that is, 22 kilos per season. A real madness.

Moreover, as reported by ESPN and the Telegraph, the center-back, too, asks for a five-year contract, which would assure him around 110 million euros in total with his new club. For most entities it is too much, so some of his main suitors, such as Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea or FC Barcelona himself, in serious economic problems at the moment, would have already said goodbye to the fight for him twice champion of the Champions. Of course, the amount does not seem to intimidate Real Madrid, which, according to ESPN and the Telegraph, would continue to push hard for Alaba.

“Florentino has not contacted us,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the Bayern Board of Directors, recently. “Nor is it that I have to. From January 2, the player is free to sign wherever he wants. That's how FIFA rules dictate, that's how the business works. I don't know to what extent the negotiations with Real Madrid have advanced, all I know is that they are a great club. It does not matter that I am living a difficult time and have not been as successful in recent years as I was used to, it is still a great club and you have to understand the player ", he concluded.

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