A night of terror for Davis is the best for Facu Campazzo

Important setback for the Lakers with the injury of Anthony Davis. The Nuggets dominated with Jokic and Campazzo was able to shine on the court.


Lakers fans and members of the Lakers franchise hold their breath. They were defeated in Denver, yes, but that is not the most important thing. The Nuggets are one of the best teams in the conference and the leadership is tied by the imposing Jazz, so what center the fear is a possible serious injury. Anthony Davis not only suffered from his Achilles tendon discomfort in his right leg, but it could also aggravate the problem. In an attempt to penetrate Nikola Jokic in the first half, he felt a blow, put his hand to his shoe and went to the locker room without ever returning. As reported by the team, the area has swollen when suffering a strain. The medical exam will be performed on Monday. Some are already praying everything they know.

It was right in the second quarter, with Davis falling, that the Lakers began to disconnect from this game. Connected or not, it was. Nor did they return. The locals took it 122-105 with a Nikola Jokic in triple-double (23 + 16 + 10) and without seeing great opposition in the rival without being called LeBron James or Kyle Kuzma.

The Nuggets are going to jerk, but they go. And they do it more as the weeks go by. They choked on the start and now they measure up even with the champions. They have more good news. Jamal Murray, much more irregular than Jokic during the season, played a great game against Schröder and Caruso. Facu Campazzo, who injured his knee on a visit to the Lakers a few dates ago, completed his best night in the NBA so far: 15 points, 4 assists and 2 steals in 26 minutes. Breath of fresh air for the Canadian and Argentine in particular and for the team in general in the face of what is coming until the All-Star break.

As in any game of these Lakers worth their salt, it was LeBron James who started handling the attack plays. It worked well and it even seemed that without him they were also a step above the Nuggets. Matter of time. Horton-Tucker's exit was the one that took the Californians to an already important advantage, a +7. Malone first tried Hampton as a substitute for Morris and then Campazzo. It was the Argentine who, with a spectacular pass for a triple and a shot of three that he put, put his team in the fight.

Jokic and Davis began to dance and the Serb took the game. By default, yes, although thanks to their performance in that second quarter the Nuggets were able to gain an advantage that they would no longer let slip away. Two minutes before the break came the play in which Davis fell to the ground and had to leave. Another older player, Paul Millsap, was also injured in another action and was unable to complete the match. The forces were unbalanced and also the mentality of some Lakers already only thinking about the good or bad that they can throw the scanner that is practiced to AD to rule out a serious injury.

A LeBron smash against Facu had left the Lakers behind at twelve before the break. The panorama did not change much. The worst thing for the Lakers is that they were seen completely dejected, with little desire to move the ball and to be self-motivated when they made good plays. Autopilot. Some chicha was seen in Kuzma, which was seen with actions such as a mate on Porter that was valid for the posters, and in a James that was played yes or yes. But not much else. The difference stabilized and even grew so that men like Campazzo and Nnaji could show off or Murray and Jokic inflated numbers rounding out a night of contrasts in Denver.

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