A leader without a roof with Suárez

Simeone's team won by suffering a lot. Luis Suárez doubled (he scored a free-kick and a penalty), but Cádiz never gave up. He did a lot of damage to the rojiblancos.


Atlético won in Cádiz thanks to their punch up. He scored on set pieces and that is another excellent news for a team that does not give in and shoots up in the standings. He reaches 50 points, takes ten from Real Madrid, and sends a message to his pursuers: he does not intend to give in. Luis Suárez scored a goal from a direct free kick and the VAR invalidated a penalty in favor of Cádiz just before the break. At Atlético everything came out in the face while his rival was penalized for his mistakes, some serious.

But Cádiz never gave up and was very close to drawing. Saponjic, on loan to the Andalusian team, had a very clear opportunity to equalize. Atlético really suffered with the lateral centers and the balls hanging in the Oblak area. For Simeone's team, the meeting became eternal. Koke put an end to the hopes of a Cádiz that did a lot of damage to the leader in the aerial plays.

Atlético did not change the system, although their players did. Simeone finally decided on the option of Marcos Llorente as a right-hander and Saúl as a left-handed. These two footballers may be more or less successful, but they are the ones that matter. They play inside, outside, closer to the rival or their own area. They were the two novelties of the Cholo. Cádiz, for its part, joined lines and left Negredo up to fight with the rojiblancos defenders, with the help of Lozano. The game had everything in the first half, two goals, a goal from Saúl in an acrobatic position and a penalty awarded in favor of Cádiz that the VAR later invalidated. Overall, Atlético went to rest ahead on the scoreboard. And it was not easy for him, even though it sometimes seemed like it.

The rojiblanco team charged a lot on the wings in the first half. The inclusion of Saúl as lane gave him a lot of depth, a lot of arrival and Carcelén had to multiply to stop the rojiblancas penetrations. Something similar happened in the other band, but seeing Marcos Llorente hurt his rivals is common.

El Cádiz closed in, but never gave up the attack. And as a sample, the first play of the game, just starting, with a shot from Perea who was about to enter. The first key action of the clash came a little before half an hour. Suárez launched a free-kick from the front to the squad. Wonderful execution of the Uruguayan footballer who seems to have no limits this season with Atlético. Cádiz responded and did so with another of the LaLiga notables. Lemar hesitated in clearing and no center-back came out to cover the shot. And you can't give Negredo that much advantage near the area. Cádiz achieved something that seems complicated, scoring a goal against Oblak.

But without time to rest, Saúl scored, who little by little is getting more, and right after the action came from the hand of Koke. In the resumption Vrsaljko entered instead of Torreira, who had a yellow. Koke returned to manage the team's game and Marcos Llorente advanced his position. Simeone also made a tactical change on defense. Felipe played in the center and left the left for Giménez.

Cadiz made a childish mistake at the start of the second half. Marcos Mauro committed a penalty on Lemar. He overwhelmed the French footballer, who no longer had any option to create danger. Suárez scored 1-3. I do not doubt. The Uruguayan has also arrived to give Atlético peace of mind in the penalty shoot-out. Of fault, in a somewhat fortunate action after a corner kick, and from a penalty. Atlético got a lot of revenue from their arrivals this time.

With the 1-3, Cádiz went up in search of reducing distances. The Cadiz team then already controlled the ball, widened the field and tried to enter the wings to launch balls into the area in search of Negredo. Atlético was liked, but disappeared in the last twenty minutes. He lost the ball, the control of the game and what is worse, he was very vulnerable in aerial plays. Negredo made it 2-3 and Saponjic was about to give a very serious displeasure to those who until now had been his teammates. Koke ended the match with three minutes to go and ended the nightmare that the team lived through for a few minutes.

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