A jaw injury is not serious

"In case Alonso has a jaw fracture, as it seems, you can almost certainly say that he could be in the Bahrain test."


At the beginning, I was very surprised when I read the statement that Fernando Alonso's team gave about his accident on a bicycle in Switzerland because there was no clear diagnosis of the injuries that the rider had suffered in the accident. They said that they were waiting for more tests on Friday morning, and that is something that indicated that there is nothing serious or important, simply that what Alonso may have is not seen in a normal x-ray and they wanted to do more tests such as an MRI or CT.

Afterwards, the prognosis became clearer with the information that arrived that the blow took him on the jaw and teeth. In the case of a mandibular fracture, as it seems, they would do more tests because they want to see well if there is displacement or not and, if necessary, put a plate on it. Because if it really is a clean fracture, there should be no further testing. Either way, whatever it is, it's not a major injury. So it can be said, almost with complete certainty, that he could be without any problems in the preseason tests in Bahrain.

Photos from as.com
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