A goal from Isak leaves Getafe closer to the ground

Second game in a row in which the Bordalás team (again expelled) did not shoot on goal. The Swede scores for the fifth consecutive day.


Getafe is getting closer to the ground. On this occasion he was knocked out by a goal from Isak, a Real Sociedad striker who is experiencing such a sweet moment that he turns salt into sugar: he has scored five games in a row. Bordalás only turned to talent (Aleñá, Kubo, Portillo and Ángel) when he had everything lost. La Real, with a daring line-up from Imanol, prop up their chances of entering Europe next season.

To the first ones that came badly, Bordalás resorted to the ideological roots, using his bodyguard to defend the cause: what matters is the result and it does not matter to get it civilly or criminally. That under Bordalás Kubo's orders he was going to have a future with few legs was seen from Japan, but that Aleñá would not play either, his request for the second consecutive year, he said clearly that the blue color of the shirt was only seen by those who know honor the working monkey. Bordalás would hardly do like Imanol, align Oyarzabal, Silva, Isak, Januzaj and those people of good footing.

The closest thing to a goal chance that Getafe had was a shot from Maksimovic who could not finish off because they jumped on him when he wanted to dribble. Getafe began to feel comfortable at times, created danger in corners and fouls and did not neglect the orchard…. Until they stepped on it. It was in the 30th minute. Zaldua crossed over the lime line of the right wing. Ball passed to the far post, through which Oyarzabal appeared to impale first-hand free of mark, as Damián had gotten lost and neither Arambarri, Nyom or Cabaco arrived in time to fill the gap. The shot hit the crossbar and, after bouncing, Isak clinched it with his head ahead of the defenders. The Norwegian is in such a sweet moment that he turns salt into sugar: five consecutive games scoring.

The greatest virtue of that Getafe based on the original Bordalás model is that of darkening the matches until hardly anything happens. The break was reached with a shot between the three suits (the goal), 18 fouls committed (10-8) and 123 lost balls (62-61) .

After one hour of the game, the only shot between the three sticks was still the goal. Bordalás found himself against the wall and took out Kubo and Aleñá. The Japanese shook up the match. Nothing substantial, but at least Getafe showed signs of life near the opposite area. They were joined by Portillo and Ángel, but already late. La Real did not see the victory in jeopardy at any time. Imanol came out reinforced in his ideas. Getafe, on the other hand, must go to the psychologist.

When Getafe did not shoot a single time between the three sticks the previous day, in his defense he argued that it was not easy to do so against Real Madrid and more playing in Valdebebas. This time he was playing against Real Sociedad in his own field and neither did Getafe finish the door once.

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