A glorious shot by Luka Doncic forces the Celtics to defeat

Luka Doncic arranged the end of the match with two triples, the second with only two tenths to go. 31 points and a heroic victory against the Celtics.


In the Florida bubble, on a Sunday summer night, Luka Doncic left one of the most impressive games in the knockout phase in recent memory. Because of history, especially: it came from being doubtful until the last minute due to an injury, the rival was the Los Angeles Clippers, they were losing by more than twenty points ... The player took the responsibility to crown a dream performance with a triple after step back that went around the world. That is hardly comparable for anyone, but the Slovenian likes a challenge. On that occasion his squire Porzingis was not present and the one we are in now, he is short, so the Slovenian got the bug of drawing a small parallel.

Doncic used the occasion to demolish myths as well as to imitate himself. The triples, for example, was sounded. He ended the night with 6/8. The last one, two tenths of a second to end the match, was the most valuable. A fact that illustrates the feat and how to reverse a problem: in triples to tie or win last season he was at 0/10 until that day for the Clippers and this season he was already at 0/3 until he ran into the Celtics . Evil tendencies that are charged for being a genius of this.

Not only was Porzingis missing, so was Kleber. The two centers out. It was an appointment to put in value to the team, if it responds, and also the ability to throw on the back an increased responsibility without warning. In front were the Celtics, who are experiencing problems similar to the Mavericks: coronavirus, lack of definition of roles, too many losses compared to last year ... The bad end of the game in which the Mavs got into with Doncic at the head, because it is not convenient to deny it either, it ended not only with one shot but with two. The first, to put his own on top; after being tied, the second put the difference of three to win. In the last twenty seconds of this tight match everyone looked at Luka Doncic and no one did anything in the face of such talent.

The Ljubljana's magic wand shouldn't make you lose perspective on two things. One is that the circumstances were complicated and to bet on the Mavs was not the right night. The other is that, through thick and thin, Texans are racking up victories lately that have the fans going overboard.

The first quarter was a power struggle to see if the Mavs fit the paint piece and how much damage Stevens was doing to them on that plot. Good performance from Marjanovic. Williams was once again the revulsive of Theis. In that fight Doncic already appeared to close the sleeve with a masterful footwork against Jaylen Brown that could make the rival suspicious.

The defense put a little more emphasis when it came to tapping Doncic's shots, who was chased by bulldogs after blocks despite the fact that Marcus Smart is injured and has not been able to play for a few games. The result was absolute nothingness, no effect.

This time he played the Fallon version of Tim Hardaway, but the Mavs made up for it with a successful Brunson and a collaborative Richardson. The illusion of Marjanovic scraping everything in the area and the shots created by Doncic's guard made the Celtics, already more savvy in the second half, not take too much advantage. Tatum and Brown, the two who will be in the Atlanta All-Star on the Celtic side, were beginning to sow panic.

At the end of the third period, another notice from Doncic. He heeled almost absurdly to the left of the court with a long stride and, looking into Tatum's eyes, hit another 3-pointer on maximum difficulty. It was a prelude and only he seemed to know it.

In the final room everything went wrong for the visitors. The Mavericks took an advantage of up to eleven points. There were three minutes to go and the Celtics were in a rush to come back. And they did. This is what can worry Rick Carlisle the most: no longer the physical collapse due to the demand, the cataract of distractions when the party is being decided. They could lose the game on defense, but Doncic was already there to attack. A first triple dancing Daniel Theis put the two ahead with 15 seconds left. Brown escaped from Hardaway and Johnson did not help in the next action, so it was tied at 107. Hardaway did well in the last action, with a block that forced Brown to change and Doncic remained defended by rookie Aaron Nesmith, who failed to react to a shot after a step back from more than eight meters and despite the fact that his teammate Kemba Walker tried to put his hand as well.

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