A double by Santi Mina leaves Elche very injured

The people of Elche have already added 16 games without winning. The Celts scored two goals at the end of the break, Rigoni closed the gap and then came the sentence.


Celta resolved the match against Elche in one minute. And also in the most painful for the rival, in the last of the first part. Two actions engineered by Aspas, two assists from Nolito and two direct daggers to the heart of the Elche team. Mina and Brais signed the death warrant for the visitors, who already have 16 games without winning.

The franjiverdes came out well positioned to the field, blocking the olívica creativity and even threatening the goal of Rubén Blanco. Lucas Boyé tried his luck after three minutes with a shot from outside the area, but the goalkeeper responded emphatically. After those five uncomfortable minutes, Celta activated the machinery, with Aspas and Nolito even looking to breathe. Thus was born the first local occasion. Assisted by the moañés and great shot from Sanlúcar that destroyed Edgar Badia.

The Elche goalkeeper intervened again minutes later to catch a center-shot from Aarón Martín and saw a shot from Brais go wide. Josan and Mojica were injured between the two plays. Those of Almirón endured the downpour and returned to scare with another great shot from the front. This time it was Raúl Guti who tried, but the ball did not reach the goal, but Aspas and Nolito still kept more rabbits in their hats.

The first trick was Cifu on a platter, with an inopportune slip. Nolito picked up the gift and handed it to Santi Mina, who threw it away with an unnecessary extra pass to Aspas when he had everything in favor to score. Coudet's anger in the band was monumental. The man from Vigo got rid of a row at halftime by making up for on the next play and scoring the first goal. And seconds later Brais Méndez increased the advantage.

The blow was tremendous for Almirón's men. Despite this, they did not surrender and warriors jumped in the second half, finding the prize very soon thanks to a mistake by Rubén Blanco. Rigoni cut distances by taking advantage of Carrillo's serve. Faith moves mountains and goals rise dead. After coming back from 0-2 at halftime against Villarreal last week, Almirón's men saw it possible to repeat the feat.

The problem was that Santi Mina was not for work. The forward from Vigo finished off a great center from Solari, who had only been in the field for a few minutes and is justifying his signing in each performance. This blow was already too hard for the visiting team, this one already final. There are 16 games without a win and the depression is increasing. Celta, meanwhile, achieved the first victory of 2021 and took a firm step towards permanence.

Coudet: "I never get angry with Iago"

Summary of the game: "We have players of good standing and category. Elche are a complicated team, needy, but after the third goal we no longer suffer. They were a tough opponent who had just played a great game with Villarreal. The need to win sometimes makes us rush. ”

Are you aspiring to Europe ?: “I am happy to win again, but we are going to suffer difficulties. For the next game we can no longer count on two players. That's why I always say that you have to see reality and if we cannot count on our best player, it is a greater difficulty. We have a long week to prepare in the best way for that match. ”

Fifth card from Aspas: “I never get angry with Iago, it is very difficult to get angry with a guy who competes the way he competes. If Iago runs, he has to run to the coach. At some point I was going to receive the fifth yellow because nothing is saved. ”

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