A derby with dynamite

RdT and Puado against Stoichkov and Álvaro: past, present and future of Espanyol. Leadership and salvation, in he does not go over cheating games.


Past, present and future of Espanyol, as if it were a Dickens tale, meets in Cornellà in a derby that recovers 32 years later and that arrives loaded not only with tradition but also with dynamite. The one with the attacks on their feet (and heads) (follow the game live on As.com) .

On the one hand, the local 'top scorer' Raúl de Tomás and Javi Puado, the most fit parakeet footballer of this 2021. On the other, at Sabadell, Stoichkov - who passed through the blue and white quarry briefly and with his real name, not to hurting sensibilities - and an Álvaro Vázquez who grew up in Sant Adrià and had the thorn stuck to succeed on stage this afternoon. That in an 'ex' is always a bomb. Among all of them, Ángel Martínez, captain harlequinado and parakeet at heart.

But that this is a dynamite derby is not just due to the attacks. It responds above all to the classification, to what is at stake. In the case of Espanyol, to the certainty of sleeping as the leader if they win and the possibility of maintaining that position at the end of the day, since tomorrow Mallorca (first) and Almería (third) will face. As for Sabadell, they can take a real blow on the table to detach themselves from that relegation zone that is so prowling.

And the options are real, since Antonio Hidalgo's men have chained nine games without losing –with two wins and seven draws–, and specifically they have not lost at home since November 25 in Gijón. If there is a cheating match, in which the expression is not a mere topic, it is without a doubt this, since despite their difference in points, Vicente Moreno's team comes from a bad streak, with three defeats and a draw in the last six parties, which undid that yes with their triumph of authority in Son Moix.

Espanyol will keep their block despite the fact that they must replace the injured Miguelón –who was undergoing surgery this Friday and will hardly play again for the remainder of the season and on loan from Villarreal– for Óscar Gil. And with Jofre Carreras most likely in the call. And Antonio Hidalgo will also persist in his idea, without losses compared to the last games, with possession as a model and with Guruzeta along with Stoichkov, and ahead of Álvaro, as a defensive argument.

In fact, if there were a theory of the six degrees of separation about this Espanyol-Sabadell that is retaken after 32 years, it would be in its antecedent. On October 21, 1989 with a double by Gabino, who would be RdT's ancestor as a 'top scorer' parakeet in Segunda, with another goal from the now Espanyol B coach, José Aurelio Gay, and with a center forward in Sabadell, Felipe Campuzano, who was the father of Victor Campuzano, the striker who left Sporting this January with the card that left Álvaro's departure to the Harlequin team free. A closing circle.

KEYS Opposites

Budgets and the table are blurred against Espanyol that has only won one of their last four games and Sabadell that has been undefeated for nine.


Can Espanyol regain the lead four days later, albeit provisionally, A mental injection.


Sabadell's best offensive actions usually come from the wings, with Pierre Cornud as the maximum assistant.

Right-handed side

Vicente Moreno often persists in his headlines, although in this case he must line up Óscar Gil instead of the sanctioned Miguelón.


Sabadell intends to subdue their rivals with possession and possession, which in the face of Espanyol's potential is complicated.


The midfielder, who made his debut against Sabadell, lives the motivation to balance the phases of the parakeet team.


The goalkeeper is being one of the keys to the improvement, and today he is measured with one of the most powerful attacks.

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