A capital Valencia takes down Mike James's CSKA Moscow

The point guard scores 37 points, but the Taronja toppled the Russians as a team after two extra time: Kalinic, Prepelic, Hermannsson and Dubljevic surpassed 15 points.


All against one and all won. La Fonteta hosted a duel for history between Valencia and CSKA, which was not resolved in favor of the Taronja (105-103) until the second overtime. If fate had been capricious, it could have dragged on until the night curfew ended at 06:00 in the morning. Mike James played Stephen Curry with three pointers from midfield and fantasy assists, but his 37 points were insufficient against a Valencia that acted as a team. Dubljevic (17 + 12), Kalinic (22 + 5), Hermannsson (17) and Prepelic (22 + 7) monopolized the spotlight, but the entire Valencian rotation was important at some point in the game and Ponsarnau, today, was round the move.

The Russians entered the court dominating the hand of a Bolomboy who in the first two minutes made a post to Tobey and a block to Marinkovic. However, those from Ponsarnau were not intimidated and as the minutes passed they found the fluidity in attack that they have lacked in so many appointments. As usual, Marinkovic was the first taronja to wake up and between the 5 points he scored in the first quarter and his combinations with Dubi on the inside, he marked differences. At the good basketball level in attack, the locals were accompanied by a high success from the line of three. Kalnic, Hermannsson, and Prepelic were sinking the Russians from the perimeter.

The flame did not go out and those of Ponsarnau continued to fight. A stellar Prepelic put the maximum with a three-point shot punctuated by Mike James in an action that, although he added points for the taronja, woke up the beast of Oregon. James held his own when they were going through the worst and they couldn't break through the bastard defense. The ex-NBA was stung first with Prepelic and then with Kalinic cutting the difference to 4 points. Ponsarnau entered the second unit, and then it was Kalinic (13 points at halftime) who prevented the Russians from taking the lead before the break between triples and 2 + 1.

After passing through the changing rooms, tensions were lowered and the duel entered the moments of shock, fouls and contacts. The Russians came to distance themselves by 6 points, again thanks to Voigtman and, again, to a huge Mike James who connected a triple falling and punctuated by two taronja. It was then that the Valencian coach gave entry to Kalinic, Prepelic and Dubljevic and again the forces were equalized. Prepelic and Dubi, in a part of the court, and Kalinic, from the defense, returned to give command to their team, leaving the game for the start of the last period in 64-63.

Prepelic continued his show in the fourth quarter and in the first action he hit a triple almost from the center of the field and scored in the purest Stephen Curry style. The push and a 2 + 1 from Dubi helped the locals to start with a 7-2 partial that once again took them away from their rival. But soon Mike James returned to the charge, this time accompanied by Voigtman and Kurbanov and the last three minutes arrived with the game in check (80-79) .

There the errors were precipitated -the loss of Van Rossom- and the excessive individualities -James failed those that he had previously put in-, however the key action was carried out by the referees whistling Prepelic a questionable fallacy about James himself that, moreover, ended in technique to Ponsarnau. The Russians did not miss the gift and put two up, but Tobey with a sledgehammer put the tie. With 25 seconds to go, La Fonteta took out the defibrillators, Mike James played it with the same action that he had scored so many times during the night ... But Sam Van Rossom said 'no' and placed a cap that sent the game to the extension

Two Overtimes

The two teams started failures and their first two points were added from the free throw line. At Valencia the plan was clear: balls to Prepelic, but this time the Slovenian saw the small ring. Mike James added for his own and Kalinic with a 2 + 1 and a basket to the post for Valencia. In the end, neither Hermannsson killed from the free kick nor did James himself score the triple to win in the last second sending the duel to another overtime.

And the dynamics that had led the game to overtime returned: all against Mike James. The American made free throws, of three and from behind reaching 37 points in what is his best Euroleague mark, but luck was on the side of Valencia and a triple by Van Rossom miraculously entered after playing with the hoop to maintain the Morale of the locals and again Kalinic scored with Voigtmann in front and, finally, there were no more baskets. Not without Hermannsson first starring in a key ball steal to give his team the last possession.

Valencia returns to the path of victory after the bad image in Greece and the victory against the Russians, who are second in the Euroleague, bring them positionally closer to the Top-8 (they have it one game) and morally agree with Ponsarnau and your team idea

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