10 triples, 40 points and a valuable reminder: Curry is still very much alive

The Warriors beat the Magic, fighters to the end, with another stellar performance from Stephen Curry, which continues to MVP pace.


It is more real than it seems. The Warriors are still at the foot of the canyon. Klay Thompson's low key, no matter how devious, has squeezed the other great shooter on the team. The soul on that court, Stephen Curry, isn't that he's still there, it's that he's doing it at insultingly good levels for the weight he has to bear.The team is now without James Wiseman, the 2020 Draft number two, and without center Kevon Looney, but it is Draymond Green who is acting as an experienced veteran and man of the baton to lead the orchestra and that Stephen Curry reaches the matador version that back in 2016 made him the unanimous MVP of the NBA. With 40 points, thanks to 10 triples, against the Magic, he confirms that he has returned to practice the theory and is at a very high level this season. Those of Orlando fell 111-105 in a meeting in which they could not stop, by far, the power of the most unleashed Curry.

The Magic are going through a tough time with injuries, but they are not throwing away their options to do something with what they have. They should be applauded. Nikola Vucevic wasn't the only one to stand out, which is equally positive. Only in the final period Golden State was able to knock the door down and get a sufficient advantage to finish on top. Entertaining night between two brave teams.

The visitors did not start well at all. Curry had a hot hand from the first moments and why was he going to ice it? The first to get serious was Khem Birch, who had a good performance coming out as a substitute, but two 3s from Mulder and two 3s from Oubre made it impossible for the Magic to get within less than five in the first fifteen minutes. It was when he started playing with Vucevic as a channel that they caught up with the rival. Halfway through the second quarter they were already level thanks to two shots from outside by Chuma Okeke. The best Terrence Ross also came on stage, who they need like eating because they didn't have him as a microwave at the start of the season, and the Magic shot out. After the break, a 3-pointer by Vucevic brought the distance to 11. It was a string of poor defenses on long shots that led to the Warriors joining the Magic in just two minutes. With the snap of Curry's fingers, he didn't want to stop. The losses of the locals were punished and, with the lack of success of their Montenegrin center, the Magic did damage again. But the last word was from Curry. 40 points, with 10/19 in triples, and adding 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. Superstar at MVP level

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