Zaragoza closes the first round outside the descent

The Aragonese team, which leaves one of the last four positions nine days later, adds twenty points, its worst score at this point in these eight years in the Second Division.


Last Friday's victory against Logroñés added to the defeats of Castellón and Cartagena and the draw of Sabadell on this last day have allowed Real Zaragoza to close the first round out of relegation without having to wait for what Alcorcón does in their postponed match against Albacete. A triumph of the Madrilenians would lower the Aragonese, who are currently seventeenth with twenty points, so in no case would they return to one of the last four positions despite the fact that it is their worst score at this point in the course in these eight seasons in Second Division.

To date, Zaragoza's worst first round had taken place in the 2018-19 campaign, in which he added 22 points. As it happened then, the Aragonese have had to change up to two coaches before reaching the halfway point of the championship. In that season Víctor Fernández brought the team afloat after the poor results of Idiákez and Lucas Alcaraz and now it seems that Juan Ignacio Martínez is doing the same after relieving Iván Martínez on the bench, who in turn replaced Baraja. Zaragoza also employed three coaches in the 2016-17 season —Milla, Agné and Láinez—, although the last change already took place in the second half of the League.

The third worst first round occurred in the 2017-18 campaign, in which Zaragoza added 24 points and ended up contesting the promotion playoff as third. He also did not reach thirty in 2016-17, in which he stayed with 27, while in his first three seasons he added 32, 31 and 31 points, respectively, although his best first round took place last year, in which he arrived up to 33.

In addition, Zaragoza has added the same days in relegation places in this first round as in the previous seven seasons together. A total of nine, all of them consecutively, from the 12th date to the 20th, reaching the bottom in the 16th, something that had not happened previously during these eight years. Until now, the record for days in relegation positions in the same season was four in the 2018-19 academic year, followed by three in the 2017-18 campaign. It was also one in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons.

Luckily for Zaragoza, this is one of the cheapest saves so far since the playoff system was introduced in 2010-11. At the moment there are teams in decline with twenty points, as in the 2015-16 and 2012-13 courses, and one more than in 2011-12. In the latter, salvation was 47 points, while in the previous two, it was necessary to reach 48, which precisely in the average of the last ten campaigns, having reached fifty on only two occasions: 52 last season and 51 in 2013-14, precisely in the only two in which direct promotion was below seventy points, something that does not seem to happen this year at the pace set by Espanyol, Mallorca and Almería.

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