Xavi Blanco is abandoned in the desert by his pilot

The co-pilot of Can-Am number 438 denounces that he got out of the light vehicle in fear for his life and the pilot, Ricardo Ramilo, continued the stage without him.

The Dakar 2021 has left one of the situations that, possibly, is the one that is furthest from the values of this rally, in which in addition to competition, camaraderie, solidarity and fellowship mark the relationships between the protagonists. Just what has not existed between Ricardo Ramilo and Xavi Blanco, pilot and copilot of light vehicle number 438. According to Blanco, the differences of opinion between Ramilo and him have caused the copilot to get off the Can-Am in full stage and the The pilot will continue the march, leaving Blanco in the middle of the desert, who justifies his refusal to continue in the car by fearing for his life.

"My decision has been based on the behavior of the pilot towards me. It was not the first time nor the second, until I decided to get off when I see that my life is at risk and the pilot ignores it. What he has done has been to abandon me, literally, I have abandoned myself in the middle of the desert. I did not want to go back up and he said, 'there you stay'. In the team we have been putting up with this character for 15 days, if you have seen the videos you have been able to realize the level he has, "explains Blanco in an audio from WhatsApp.

After the accident, Blanco, equipped with a mobile phone and a satellite phone, has asked his team for help and two mechanics have come to his rescue. The Dakar regulations require that the cars are always occupied by driver and co-driver and both with a driving license, so a penalty for the car is to be expected 438.

Photos from as.com
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