Wimbledon plans to admit 10,000 daily viewers, eliminate the queue and expand

As revealed by 'Daily Mail', the All England Tennis Club sent a letter to the residents of the area to inform them about the possible Grand Slam scenarios in 2021.

Encouraged by the determination with which the Australian Open has organized the first Grand Slam of the season (with 30,000 spectators per day), the organizers of Wimbledon are now considering the possibility of the tournament having an audience for its edition in 2021. As reported exclusively by the British newspaper Daily Mail, the All England Tennis Club sent a letter to the residents of the area to inform them about the possible scenarios they are studying for the event, which are three: not limit the entry of fans, reduce their presence or be played behind closed doors.

In the second case, Wimbledon would be studying the possibility of admitting 10,000 daily fans, eliminating the famous queue to comply with the social distance rule and expanding its land to use the parking and recreation area of the golf course attached to the club. What is clear is that the event, unlike in 2020, will be held in one way or another on the scheduled dates, from June 28 to July 11.

"Most of our planning approach is currently focused on the option of a reduced capacity Championship and how that would affect each group of stakeholders, but we are not yet in a position to rule out any of the other scenarios," explains the Wimbledon missive, warning that "the tournament fortnight will probably be very different this year.

Permanent expansion

Some of that will involve a request to close 750 meters of the Church Road, which divides the main facilities and the Wimbledon Park golf course that the All England Club acquired in full at the end of 2018. Only vehicles could pass through. of emergency. This idea would continue in the future, with the possibility of building a tunnel for traffic or converting that part into a pedestrian only for the duration of the tournament, as was done in the 2012 Olympic Games.

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