Watch out for the Warriors: Curry leads a beating of the Spurs

Wiseman vindicates himself, Oubre and Wiggins go further, Green influences all parts of the court and Curry dances in the first half. The Warriors grow.


There are the Warriors. From 0-2 (with an embarrassing -65 total) to a promising 8-6, right now fifth in the West and in a rise that seems palpable night after night, game by game. After their miraculous comeback against the (sleeping) Lakers, they cleared doubts with a beating of the Spurs in what Steve Kerr called the best game so far for his team. Better than stunts against Clippers and Lakers; more complete, more indisputable in attack and defense. More. Every time the Warriors play like this, we inevitably ask ourselves the same question: how scary would this team be with Klay Thompson? 444 444

Quite a bit, at the very least. Certainly if Draymond Green and Stephen Curry look more and more like Draymond Green and Stephen Curry. The first gave another display of how to influence the game (all over the place) without making flashy numbers (9 points, 6 assists). The story of his life. The second, of course the story of his life, gave another of his on how to break games by making flashy numbers: he finished with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. But it is that at the break he was at 20 + 5 + 4 with a 4/5 in triples. And the Warriors had ground out of fear (64-45). Goodbye, Spurs.

The Spurs are now 8-7, one more loss than the Warriors but still positive. His rain of triples against the Blazers (with 45%) was a thunderous drought against some Warriors so far weak out there in defense: 4/33 (the same all the team as Curry) for 12%, only 2/17 of starters and a loose game from DeRozan and bad from LaMarcus Aldridge (4 points). The veterans off the bench (Mills and Gay), saviors in Portland, did not warm up this time (0/8 in triples between the two). And the Spurs barely got close in the third quarter without giving the feeling of having the bellows to completely turn the scoreboard.

The Warriors totally controlled the game beyond small sets from a rival who played at one of their worst levels of the entire season. Everything was positive news, very positive, for those of the Bay: James Wiseman, the number 2 in the draft, went from his bad night against the Lakers to, perhaps, his best game of the course. The center scored 20 points (8/11), captured 6 rebounds and gave 4 assists, 3 in a hyper active first quarter. When the opponent is not optimal or things are not going well for the rookie, the Warriors will use the proven Looney or play with Green as the only inside reference. Kelly Oubre has definitely put his bad start to the season behind him (16 points, 9 rebounds) and Andrew Wiggins continues to play at the most efficient and profitable level of his career: 18 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 7/12 shooting. After a vaunted 13% on 3s in his first ten games with the Warriors, Oubre is at 37% in the last four. After another lousy start on the outside, Wiggins is up 43% in the last twelve. And the Warriors don't stop growing. Let's see how far they go.

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