Vinicius falls apart

The Brazilian has lost the confidence he had at the beginning of the season. It is the last in the rotation of extremes. He had the opportunity to claim against Alcoyano, but he did not have his day.


The very tough elimination of Real Madrid in Alcoy may mean a before and after in the future for many of the team members. A historic hit that has caused the white fans to ask for heads in response. In addition to that of Zidane, which has received most of the criticism, there are several players named, using the well-known saying that they have no level to play for Madrid.

One of them is Vinicius. The Brazilian faced a perfect game to claim after several weeks of little prominence, with more time on the bench than on the field. However, it was not his day at all. Zidane gave him 90 minutes and, given the ineffectiveness of his performance, decided to remove him before the start of extra time, when he was replaced by Marco Asensio. He was very misguided. He lost eight balls, four games and just completed one of the three dribbles he tried. In 78 'he had a clear heads up to make it 0-2, but he was unable to overcome José Juan, Alcoyano goalkeeper and hero of the night. Minutes later, he lost the Solbes mark in the corner that was 1-1.

Your season has gone from promising to worrying. Until a few weeks ago he was being very important to Zizou, who usually gave him the alternative both as a starter and from the bench. In the first days of the league he was key to achieving victory against Valladolid (1-0 with his goal) and against Levante (0-2, scoring the first). This increased his confidence and that of the coach, who ranked him in the eleven in such important duels as against FC Barcelona, Sevilla or Atlético de Madrid.

However, victim of the demand and doubts in his own game, Vinicius has been fading. He has become the last in the winger rotation, seeing his number of minutes considerably reduced. Not counting the elimination in the Cup, he averages 9 games in the last five games. The recovery of Eden Hazard and the performance of Marco Asensio leave him with few options to have a hole in that left wing, his natural position.

It must be remembered that, since his arrival in Madrid, Vini has lived under strong pressure, something not easy for a 20-year-old boy. Many have used the high expectations generated in his first months on the team as a weapon when things didn't go well. And, while it is true that he considers himself a "daring" player, this has affected him professionally on several occasions, as he demonstrated by bursting into tears after scoring a goal at the Bernabéu in September 2019. In Alcoy, the desire and need to demonstrate that they played a trick on him again.

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